ENM Works with RDB Management to Widen Willoughby Roads

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(Newswire.net — January 16, 2019) Langley, BC —

ENM recently welcomed its first tenants into its 191 unit, 6-story purpose-built rental project Willoughby Walk in Langley. As part of its development deal with the Township, project manager Daniel Greenhalgh and RDG Management’s John Rempel worked together to widen a section of 208th Street that passes by the projects of both developers.

“This section has been a thorn in the side of drivers in the Willoughby community,” says Dan. “We worked together with John to widen it and put in a right hand turn lane there. It’s already made a huge difference with traffic. Before this, there was always a backlog of cars. Now it’s moving great. I check on it everyday when we’re on site at Willoughby Walk, and it’s flowing smoothly.”

Dan says the collaboration with John and his team went very well.

“Our engineers worked together to nail down the logistics of things like curb heights, street lights and things like that. We were both happy to be directly involved with improvements to the neighborhood. This will benefit not only our tenants, but all the people in the neighborhood who had to deal with the pains of construction. I’m glad they can benefit from improvements associated with our projects.”

For the Township, asking developers to help improve the neighborhood is a big part of securing public support for their projects. One of the most consistent complaints with new residential developments is an expected increase in traffic, and widening roads along the project site goes a long way towards alleviating those concerns.

Willoughby Walk’s first tenants moved in a few weeks ago, and the remaining units will be occupied in the next month or two. The neighborhood is flourishing with new businesses and amenities, and we’re thrilled that our tenants are settling into their new homes.


(Newswire.net — January 16, 2019) Langley, BC —

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