Realize the Importance and Implications of an Afternoon Nap on a New Mattress

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( — January 17, 2019) — For all those working people, the afternoon nap seems to be a distant dream and reserved exclusively for the leisurely. For people who lead hectic lives chasing their money and aspirations, an afternoon nap is like a costly luxury. However, the afternoon nap or siesta has its own unique benefits that simply cannot be denied. You should never miss the opportunity of enjoying a nap in the afternoon while on vacation, holiday, or even when you are working from home.

“A bed with the correct support, comfort, and space will ensure you wake less, move about less, are less disturbed by your partner and are less likely to wake up feeling tired or aching.” That’s what experts at believe. A new mattress would help you catch a nice nap in the afternoon that is refreshing and rejuvenating. It is an effective way of revitalizing and invigorating your mind and body alike. An afternoon nap is great for compensating any lack of sleep at night. Today, everyone is busy chasing their dreams and aspirations and neglecting their health. However, experts recommend only around ten to twenty minutes of a break from your hectic schedule for a power nap in the afternoon. Here are some of the benefits of a power nap in the afternoon.

Reduces Blood Pressure

According to the articles published in ‘The Journal of Applied Physiology’, an afternoon nap could be beneficial in reducing blood pressure. Facts have revealed a reduction in coronary mortality cases that have gone down by 37 percent and this has been attributed solely to a power nap in the afternoon. An afternoon nap is responsible for decreasing cardiovascular stress and helps in reducing blood pressure. This is why you must buy a new mattress using the Leesa mattress coupons so that your bed gives you a luxurious feel and you could easily fall asleep in the afternoon and enjoy a power nap for a few minutes.

Revitalizes the Mind

Studies relating to the impact of daytime napping reveal that they are great for improving cognitive functions, enhancing memory retention, and making you really more energetic, alert, and vigilant in the next few hours once the napping is done.

Boosts Alertness

According to the National Sleep Foundation, NASA had done some research which had revealed that sleepy military pilots and astronauts had registered high levels of focus and alertness and much better performance,  post a 40-minute nap in the afternoon. It is a good idea to sleep for a while in the afternoon if you are driving and then head for the office. A quick afternoon nap helps you to get ready for a hectic schedule. You feel refreshed and not sleepy so you can drive with complete focus and attention.

Conclusion: Boosts Creativity

If you are feeling very tired and totally bogged down while at work in the afternoon, you could easily boost your imagination and creative thinking by indulging in a power nap. This could rejuvenate and relax both your mind and body. It would get rid of the cobwebs so that you could enhance your memory and thought processes.