E-cigarettes Could Possibly Save Your Lives – How Is This Miracle Possible?

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(Newswire.net — January 17, 2019) — Nicotine is the main addictive element present in tobacco cigarettes which keeps the tobacco users coming back to smoking for more and more pleasure. If you’re someone who is going through the recovery process, you’ll know that there are still many who go through smoking tobacco cigarettes. You too might have tried to quit smoking cigarettes in the past but you might have been unable to handle the tough task at the time. In case you’re a smoker yourself and you’ve known the harms that are caused by cigarettes, you might still wish to rethink your relation with nicotine.

Have you heard of e-cigarettes which are devices that are used as smoking cessation tools? In the recent years, there has been enough buzz around electronic cigarettes and in case you’re someone who is trying to quit smoking, you should definitely take to vaping as this could save your life. One of the largest e-cigarette brands in the UK is of the opinion that e-cigarettes are widely being used to quit smoking and save lives.

E-cigarettes are able to save your life – But how?

Vaping is the name given to the process of smoking e-cigarettes as the thing that is released is vapour and not smoke. Researchers who are from Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center declare the fact that electronic cigarettes can save several people’s lives. In fact, it was also shown that as many as 6.8 million cigarette smokers live for a longer time by making this switch. The researchers also showed that the smokers gained 89 million years of life by making this switch to vaping. Hence, if you’re someone who is interested in vaping, you can certainly choose to buy dab and vape pen batteries in order to continue this habit and save your life.

Moreover, there could also be crucial health benefits like reduced vulnerability to heart and lung diseases, cancer and usual pain and suffering. People also won’t have any risk of being exposed to second-hand smoke. Even the gloomiest research showed a considerable number of years gained by ditching nicotine through smoking and taking it through vaping. The team of researchers are of the opinion that electronic cigarettes should become a vital part of the tobacco prevention policy of the US.

More and more smokers should be encouraged to quit smoking and this could possibly save millions of lives all over the world. So, you use should the smoking cessation tools like e-cigs to cause lesser harm to your health rather than smoking nicotine cigarettes.