Is Soft Water Safe for Pets to Drink? – What to Expect

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( — January 18, 2019) — Like humans, all animals need enough liquids to survive. Humans can drink different types of drinks. But animals will need an adequate amount of fresh water on a daily basis. The fresh water comes from city water sources and wells that contain oxygen, hydrogen, and a few other minerals. All these combinations make water hard water. Animals can drink hard water, but is soft water safe for pets to drink? Soft water does not contain many minerals, but does have more sodium. Dogs can drink soft water, however, it is important for pet owners to consider a few things while offering soft water to their pets on a regular basis.

Health Effects

Soft water has a great amount of sodium, unlike the hard water. Though a little more amount of the sodium is not harmful to your pet, still, you will have to be careful with certain types of dog breeds. Some dogs are prone to develop cardiovascular issues. If you have such breeds, then it is suggested to avoid putting your pet on a soft water diet. With more sodium, the blood pressure level will be high. As the result, consider how it’ll influence your pet’s health.


Soft water has more of a salty taste. However, the taste will not affect the quality. But your pet might not drink enough amount of water due to the salty taste. Therefore, it is important for pet owners to observe that their dogs are drinking an adequate amount of water. If they do not drink enough water, it is going to affect their health.  They might develop different types of health complications and that will impact the quality of life they are living.


Soft water is not tasty and your pet might not like the taste and end up consuming less. However, it is a good option for bathing. If you use soft water to bath your dogs, you can expect a number of benefits. Your pet will look cleaner and will feel healthier. The reason is that soft water does not contain minerals like hard water. When your dog will take bath in soft water, there will be less mineral build-up. This will improve your dog’s coat.

Side Effects

If your dog is drinking hard water and you want to switch to soft water, then do it gradually. A drastic change in the diet might cause a problem. Your pet’s stomach is used to hard water and excess minerals. If you suddenly change it to soft water, then it might develop stomach issues until your pet’s stomach is used to soft water. You can avoid this condition by making the change slow and gradual.  The best way to mix both the water and gradually you can switch to soft water.

So, is Soft Water Safe for Pets to Drink?

Overall, yes, soft water is safe for pets to drink. If you plan to switch from hard water to soft water, make the process slow and gradual to avoid any health issues. Keep in mind your pet may not be a fan of soft water because it can have a salty taste. Remember the added benefits of bathing your pets in soft water as well.