PA Purebred West German Showline & Working Line Shepherd Puppies Train Announced

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( — January 23, 2019) — Vom Ragnar Kennel near Chicago, Illinois has launched the breeding of purebred West German show line German Shepherds. They are a family-run company who specializes in breeding, training and showing healthy, high performing German Shepherds.

More information about Vom Ragnar German Shepherds available to PA, NY, OH, WI, IA, MI and all US dog lovers, can be found here:

The operation is owned by licensed veterinarian Natalya Babenko and is one of the fastest growing breeders and trainers of West German show line German Shepherds in the world. Vom Ragnar adheres to all of the established SV standards, and every pup in the kennel is a registered member of AKC, IPO and Schutzhund.

The company has built its reputation as a leading German Shepherd breeder by breeding and training the dogs to world champion show status. The team at Vom Ragnar offers a variety of dog training programs including Schutzhund and OPO show dog training techniques.

For those not interested in showing their dogs, basic and advanced obedience training and personal protection and protection work training are also available. They have puppies available for sale as well as trained adult German Shepherds. All of their dogs are GSD approved and range from 8 weeks old GSD puppies to young males and females.

The breeder does not employ puppy mills. They breed healthy and happy puppies and most importantly, the Vom Ragnar team wants people to know that if they’re looking for a mass production canine creation factory, they’re looking in the wrong place.

All of their pups are organically fed with the highest quality foods, given more than enough room to run and receive the best possible medical care. The Vom Ragnar Kennel is run by dog lovers and people who are passionate about the breeding and training of the healthiest and highest performing German Shepherds. Interested customers can find more information and book a viewing at the link below or above.

Contact & Driving Direction Info Below:

Vom Ragnar German Shepherds

17813 Lincoln Rd, Harvard, Illinois 60033, United States

CF54+6G Harvard, Chemung Township, IL

Phone: +1-815-245-0923

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