The Brick and Mortar of Fundraising

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( — January 23, 2019) — Fundraising campaigns for any and all worthy causes create both unity and inspiration within your organization. Planning and running fundraising drives, bringing people together under a common cause, and ultimately making a difference in the lives of all humanity is certainly a valuable venture.

However, raising funds is not all sunshine and rainbows—though most non-profits wish the world could be, and hope that someday it will be. Waiting on donors can be tough, and the stress of trying to meet your organization’s goals with varying sources of funding can often feel debilitating. Yet, at the eleventh hour deliverance has a tendency to arrive—seemingly out of nowhere.

While no one can predict the future, one aspect of life is certain: blessings come through people. Financial blessing, personal blessing, professional blessing; it all stems from the kindness and generosity of humanity.

3 Tips for Fundraising:

While most of these articles focus on different avenues of fundraising, we’re taking a slightly different route. We’re going to focus on the people.

1. Remember Your Audience

First rule of marketing—especially in non-profits—is remembering your audience.

Why are you targeting this group of potential donors? If it’s solely for their money, they’ll sniff you out faster than a rat could ever run a single turn maze. People know when you are using them for their resources, and unless they are extreme pushovers or have cash to burn, you won’t see a dime of it.

Who is your audience? While it’s all right to talk to people with money, and remember that they have money, it’s more important to recognize who among the wealthy will be most apt to give to your cause.

What are they involved in? Charities, causes, hobbies, passions? What do your donors care about? Do they care about status? Making a difference? Setting a good example? Find their heart and appeal to it. Show them how their donation will benefit both your cause and their personal sense of achievement.

The most important part of engaging your audience is to remember the personal touch. Social media is an incredible tool, but sometimes your audience wants face-to-face recognition.

2. Find Your Why

Why do you do what you do? Who are you helping? Why must you help them? Why should your donors care?

Finding the answers to these questions is paramount for knowing the ethos of your business or non-profit. Not only will defining this reality shape the way you execute your values and plans, but knowing your why will carry you through every stage of building towards your goal.

As you are building, your why must be stronger than your physical need. There are two reasons for this.

1) You need a motivator to keep you going during the times when everything is going wrong. If money and material gain is your only driver, guaranteed your business is going under.

2) You need a passion which drives you asking for fiscal support. People connect with your mission because people connect with the emotion and stories of other people. If your heart is sold out for what you do, explaining your mission with vim and vigor will be second nature. The way you feel in a given moment will not matter because your love for your mission will shine through even when you feel defeated.

3. Build Relationships

Ultimately, your donors want to be treated like human beings not ATMs. Be genuine as you’re seeking out someone. Get to know them for who they are and ask questions far outside of your personal ambitions. Learn about your donor’s lives and if you have a way to help them—inside or outside of your business’ service—help them. Show the people you are trying to reach who you are and the kindness that resides in you. When you help someone in need, chances are they’ll remember you when you are in need as well.

While this should never be the motivator to help someone, it is a universal truth. You reap what you sow. Therefore, sow the love you put into your charity into the soil of the donors you wish to get involved. Show your heart to others and in time they will show theirs to you.


There are several different fundraising opportunities for businesses and non-profits to invest their time and revenue into. However, one of the greatest ways to show your donors appreciation is through CNC Foundations. Not only do these allow your donors the opportunity to memorialize a loved one, but it also gives them a tangible reminder that they were part of something greater. Using these engraved bricks or tiles in your building or in some of your projects puts your donor’s names on more than a check, it lets them leave a mark on the world.