The Difference a Gift Can Make

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( — January 27, 2019) — Americans give about $400 billion to charitable organizations every year, according to This doesn’t count the numerous unpaid hours spent volunteering for feel-good projects and sweat-equity poured into physical labor at local churches, shelters and thousands of other volunteer venues. In return, charitable organizations feed the homeless, advocate for the elderly and search for cures to diseases like epilepsy.

Why Is It so Important?

People give to charities to feel better about themselves and to help other people. Those blessed with the means to live in comfort, free of mental or physical impairments, enjoy offering aid to those who need a little help. In a world that sometimes seems like a dark place, generosity is a beacon, especially to those who depend on it for their survival.

Charitable giving can feed and cloth the poor but it also helps fund research for life-threatening diseases like epilepsy. Another side effect of the giving spirit is that it’s contagious. This concept is often referred to as “paying it forward.” People who’ve received help or watch friends and family give and volunteer want to become part of the solution.

Even for those who can’t give a lot of cash, spending an afternoon serving meals at a shelter is a great way to help someone in need.

Giving to Fund Epilepsy Research

One firm takes this philosophy very much to heart. Jump Ventures, a scalability infusion firm, funds the Ravichandran Foundation, which recently made a financial commitment of $150,000 to Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE), which sponsors efforts to find a cure for epilepsy.

Hari Ravichandran, the company’s CEO and Founder, talks about why he supports charitable giving.

“Our goal is to make contributions that also leave a legacy of positive social impact. I can’t think of a better way to do that, than by supporting the efforts of young researchers and their mission to find a cure for epilepsy,” he said. “The Ravichandran Foundation is dedicated to ensuring we make meaningful contributions that enable the communities where we live and work to thrive by improving health, promoting education and empowering youth locally and globally.”

Epilepsy research, through groups like CURE, will one day reveal the cure for this disease that affects millions of Americans.