Health Authorities Reveal Self-help Tricks to Fight Tiredness

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( — February 5, 2019) Orlando, FL — Keeping energy levels normal is essential for daily functioning and productivity. Unfortunately, there are many people who end up tired even if the day is just starting.

According to some experts, there are many cases of tiredness or exhaustion that are due to poor diet, inadequate sleep, stress, and some other factors.

Fatigue can be remedied by rest and sleep. However if these measures do not work, it may mean the body is suffering from an underlying medical condition.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists recommends having consistent, regular sleeping and wakeup time every day. It may also be wise to avoid naps within the day and relax before bedtime.

This helps the body get more sleep, which is essential in having an energy boost the following day.

Experts recommend eating regular meals every day and choosing healthy snacks every 3 to 4 hours. This is a lot better than eating a large meal less often.

It is worth mentioning that exercise is also the key to high energy levels. Engaging in physical activities is undeniably one thing that individuals with fatigue don’t ever want to do.

However, it is important to understand that regular exercise will reduce exhaustion or tiredness of the body. This helps achieve more energy in the long run. It is recommended to get a 15-minute walk session for energy boost.

Regular exercise also aids in warding off obesity and some diseases. Carrying extra pounds is one reason why many are tired every day. It is best to shed extra pounds and do more exercise.

There are other methods like drinking lots of water and avoiding caffeine. Some experts also recommend the use of certain natural remedies, such as rhodiola rosea. This natural ingredient has long been known to be an energy enhancer. It is being widely studied due to its remarkable healing benefits. It has even been found to ward off certain diseases.

According to Eastern European researchers, they have conducted quite a number of investigations on the effects of rhodiola rosea on mental and physical fatigue. It has been found that subjects who consumed rhodiola reported increased energy and focus.

In human and animal experimental models, use of rhodiola also led to better endurance while on a physical activity.

Some scientists conducted a 12-week study to determine rhodiola’s effects on 120 adults with physical and cognitive deficiencies.

Rhodiola has been found to produce positive changes not just in physical but also cognitive responses.

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