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( — January 30, 2019) — Victoria Johnson and a team digital marketing experts, professional bloggers, and copywriters have launched a new media release and news announcement writing and distribution site, aimed at helping businesses grow their business and get more clients by getting their content higher on search engine results pages.

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The site has been designed from the ground up to equip small and medium-size business owners with the necessary knowledge to effectively create online marketing campaigns, improve their visibility and enhance their web presence.

On PressReleaseZen, visitors can find a practical comprehensive online guide into the PR industry. The site offers useful information and tips on how users can take advantage of the innovative inbound media news releases to spread their message online to grow and scale their businesses.

PressReleaseZen prides itself on its high-quality writing and distribution services. It helps readers hit the coveted first page on Google, surpassing their competitors via tailored and powerful news announcements.

The site highlights that once readers learn how to write releases like professional copywriters, the news releases become a cornerstone of their marketing strategies.

This new news announcement writing site offers expert tips on media release writing as well as many announcement templates and samples.

The site features writing recommendations and examples for a new product or website launch; for an employee hiring or retirement; for a business anniversary marketing campaign; for a political campaign announcement; for a charity event or business forum; for a business sale, merger or acquisition as well as many, many more.

Johnson shared, “We have receive many positive comments by our readers. Many were grateful for the information on PressReleaseZen as it has helped them better understand the format and style of this type of news announcements. We are always happy to learn that the articles have helped them create and deliver their message with confidence. PressReleaseZen has helped many bloggers, eCommerce brands, small businesses bring their online marketing campaigns to success.”

According to PressReleaseZen, the benefits of publishing and distributing media releases are numerous: for instance, a professionally written announcement can help organizations to instantly enhance the effectiveness of their marketing plan and get a monster traffic to their site.

Meanwhile, businesses can use this service to boost their business sales potential and brand themselves as an authority in their field of activity.

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