Email Pro Tools Software Tom Yevsikov 2019 Product Launch Announced

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( — January 30, 2019) — Tom Yevsikov and affiliate network Warrior Plus have announced the launch date of their new email marketing software tool Email Pro Tools. The software will be released on Wednesday, January 30th at 10:00 a.m. eastern time.

More information can be found here:

This new software combines leading marketing technologies to deliver an effective email marketing software tool. The product is considered to be a revolutionary email technology that will work for its users 24/7 and will help businesses to reduce list burn, revive dead lists and extend list lives.

The product will also help businesses grow their number of opens and clicks, while effectively reducing complaints and unsubscribes. To install the software, users first much connect their auto responder, then activate Email Pro Tools and finally autopilot their profits.

The software works by building highly targeted segments of subscribers based on user behaviour and interests. Segments are created based on three behaviour patterns: openers, clickers and un-openers. Using this type of segmentation is beneficial because it is more targeted and allows users to utilize different strategies by mailing to each segment separately.

Email Pro Tools was designed to help companies get the most from their email marketing efforts by using an automation service to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of email marketing lists. It’s the first software of its kind to help business get the best possible results from their email marketing campaigns.

Some people in the tech industry think chat bots are on their way to replacing email marketing. Muncheye explains this isn’t the case because they are harder to sell and much riskier than proven email marketing methods.

The software has received positive reviews pre-launch, including this online review reading, “Loving this software – it is so much easier than anything else I have used in the past.” Interested parties can find more information here and by following the above mentioned link.