Scientists Now Reveal Exercise Can Protect and Improve Immune System Health

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( — February 7, 2019) Orlando, FL — Fitness and outdoor activities like cycling have been found to be essential for health. Some researchers have also found it can aid in immune system and muscle health.

The two new studies were published in The New York Times.

According to experts, the aging process appears to be inevitable. However, certain activities like exercise and recreational cycling have been found to offer benefits that go beyond good aerobic health.

The new studies found that cycling protects the muscles and even the immune systems from aging. This result was compared to individuals who live a sedentary lifestyle.

Janet Lord said that the message of these studies is that much of what we previously thought of as inevitable in aging is in fact preventable.

Lord is the co-author on the studies and director of the Institute of Inflammation and Aging at the University of Birmingham.

In addition to exercise, there are many more tricks to protect and improve immune system health.

Health authorities have long been reminding the public to resort to measures that could strengthen immune system health. This can significantly aid in protecting the body from disease-causing microorganisms.

According to experts, the immune system requires harmony and balance to function well. There have been many researchers who conducted studies to see if this can be achieved by diet and exercise.

There are also other factors thought to affect immune system health like psychological stress and age.

Experts say that it is wise to avoid smoking, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, get adequate sleep, and increase intake of fruits and vegetables. These healthy-living strategies may be potentially helpful in boosting immune system health.

Some foods are often loaded with a variety of powerful healing ingredients. There are also natural remedies found to have powerful immune-system-boosting benefits.

One is ashwagandha, which is a widely researched natural ingredient.

According to some research studies, intake of ashwagandha resulted in significant modulation of immune system reactivity. What made it even more beneficial is that it prevented myelosuppression in mice induced by immunosuppressive drugs.

Scientists further found ashwagandha was able to increase red blood cells, platelets count, and white blood cells.

More studies are still underway, but the use of ashwagandha is highly recommended by experts. There are those who resort to Divine Bounty Ashwagandha, which is a highly potent and pure formula.

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