Colorado Springs Facebook Restaurant Marketing Expert Lead Generation Launched

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( — February 2, 2019) — Ready Set Go Local, a digital marketing agency based in Colorado, announced a new marketing program designed to provide restaurants in the Colorado Springs area with a steady stream of new diners. The program encourages diners to share their experience with restaurants by checking in on Facebook, thus allowing restaurants to increase their visibility on their local market and attract more potential customers.

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While digital advances have led to the development of many new online marketing strategies, word-of-mouth is still the most trusted way of finding new businesses. Studies show that more than 91% of consumers trust recommendations for their friends and families more than online advertising, making direct recommendations one of the most important sources of new customers for many local businesses.

The new service developed by Ready Set Go Local is based on the power of Facebook check-ins to increase the popularity of a local business in its target area.

With an estimated 200 to 600 impressions, a single check-in combines the credibility of word-of-mouth referrals with the high visibility of online marketing, making it an ideal promotional strategy for restaurants.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “The check in provides all the valuable information a potential customer would want to know about a business. When your customer checks in on Facebook it’s seen in their friends’ newsfeed as a personal recommendation and endorsement. We know that our friends don’t make recommendations frequently, so we trust it! In fact, we trust recommendations from our friends and family far more than we trust a promotion from a business.”

Ready Set Go Local develops personalized Facebook programs to incentivize restaurant customers to check in to that specific restaurant. Incentivization programs include monthly contests, coupons, gift certificates and many others.

The agency offers everything from program development and tabletop sign design, delivery and update to monthly contest setup and winner announcement.

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