UK DIY Fitted Window Shutter Measure and Fit Installation Basics Guide Launched

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( — February 4, 2019) — Shuttercraft have launched a new guide to expert shutter installation on their national website, helping to answer frequent customer queries. These might include questions like “how to measure for window shutters?”, “what will I need to fit shutters myself?” and a range of other DIY shutter installation concerns.

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The new guide aims to provide expert knowledge around consumer questions, helping to provide better informed purchasing decisions. Shuttercraft believe that by providing expert advice, potential customers will build their trust in the already growing authority national brand that is Shuttercraft.

Shuttercraft have become known as the UK’s leader in window shutters, blinds and window treatments. They offer custom, made to measure designs, a wide range of material choices, and expert installation.

Their wealth of experience puts them in a good position to provide help and guidance to anyone thinking about buying new shutters, installing their own shutters, or adding shutters to their property.

The guide explains that, unless the DIYer is practically minded, attempting to install their own shutters can be a tricky process. Attention to detail and skills in both measuring and installation are needed to ensure a good, solid fit.

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When it comes to making or installing custom-made shutters, the key is to be thorough when taking measurements. The guide highlights that it’s the measurements that will help to ensure shutters can last for years to come.

The guide covers every aspect of shutter installation, from basic language and technicalities like defining what a window recess is, to how to measure for window shutters, what people will need to fit shutters themselves, and how shutters are fitted.

It also covers the types of windows that shutters can be fitted to, and which way they close. Through reading the new guide, homeowners across the UK will be able to learn the fundamentals of shutter installation.

Shuttercraft can help with every aspect of shutter installation across the country. They state, “We’re trusted by customers all over the UK to provide a friendly, dependable service. They know they can count on us to expertly fit made-to-measure shutters and blinds that truly transform the places and spaces they love so much.”

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