Ketone Test Strips From Just Fitter Launches Attractive Discount on Amazon

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( — February 26, 2019) — Just Fitter is pleased to announce the launch of an attractive discount for the Amazon shoppers purchasing the company’s new Ketone Test Strips travel pack with fifty strips. This promotional offer will remain valid until further notifications from the company, offering the product for an introductory discounted price of $5.00. Just Fitter is a trusted name on with a series of world class products related to health and fitness. The company’s ketone testing strips have been used already by thousands of users to monitor the progress of their fat loss diet plans and for the management of diabetes.

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Ketone testing strips are considered to be the most convenient and inexpensive alternative to measure the ketone levels of the body. The presence of ketone in human urine indicates that the body has started utilizing its fat for the generation of energy. Under normal circumstances, glucose is used by the body for this purpose. However, in the absence of insulin, the body starts burning fat for fuel. Ketone is produced as a by-product of this process and the body is said to have entered the ketosis stage. Naturally, a medium level ketone value is desirable for a successful fat loss diet plan.

The best way to ascertain the performance of a diet plan is to measure the ketone content in one’s urine . The urinalysis strips from Just Fitter can be used at home and they take just a few seconds to provide accurate measurement of the ketonic state of the body. These strips are also useful for management of diabetes. However, for these users, a low ketonic level is desirable.

The ketone testing strips from Just Fitter were initially launched in the form of large packs containing one hundred and twenty five strips. This product was an instant hit with the Amazon shoppers and it is currently amongst the top rated products in its category with over fourteen hundred reviews. However, the company decided to come up with a smaller pack based on feedback from users looking for a pack that can be used conveniently while travelling. The pack is completely re-sealable to protect the contents from moisture, heat, and other elements of the atmosphere.

“At Just Fitter, we are always committed to maximizing the benefits of our users,” said a senior spokesperson from Just Fitter. “It is a great pleasure for us to launch a super exciting Amazon sales promotion for our just launched Just Fitter Ketone Test Strips travel pack. Until further announcement, this product will be available for an introductory price of $5.00. Please visit our Amazon store before stocks run out.”

To find out more about Just Fitter Ketone Test Strips pack of 50, please visit: Just Fitter on

About Just Fitter: Founded in 2014, Just Fitter is dedicated to helping people achieve their best physical, mental, and spiritual health by encouraging them to embrace the benefits of a Keto diet lifestyle. Partnering with some of the best doctors, chemists, and nutrition scientists, the company has already helped thousands of people improve their lives in many ways including going Keto. Just Fitter also runs a popular Facebook page called createtheperfectyou, dedicated to helping people adopt the Keto lifestyle.