Child-Centered Divorce Storybook Coaching Parenting Advice Network Launched

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( — February 5, 2019) — Rosalind Sedacca, a divorce and co-parenting coach and mentor, has announced the launch of the Child-Centered Divorce Network aimed at parents dealing with divorce or in the aftermath of it. She prides herself on helping parents to understand what their children might be going through, and helps them to nurture the kids at every step of the way.

For more information please visit the website here:

Having raised a child through a divorce herself, Rosalind knows the impact that it can have on their lives. She also knows what her readers and clients are going through, and works hard to provide the best help, advice and guidance she can offer.

Using a range of articles, advice, and one-to-one coaching techniques, Rosalind can help families to find the best path through their divorce and the years beyond it.

She is an expert contributor to a number of different divorce, parenting, dating and relationship websites. Clients come to her knowing they will be treated with compassion, experience and wisdom.

Telling kids about divorce can be stressful, confusing and worrying for both parents involved in the divorce. This is where working with an expert coach like Rosalind can help.

She uses a unique create-a-storybook guide to preparing children to face divorce with love. This is an internationally acclaimed approach that helps to make it easier to break the divorce news to children.

Rosalind states, “I’ve faced many difficult moments in my life. But preparing to tell my son that I will be divorcing his father was absolutely one of the worst. Thinking about breaking the news filled me with dread, gut-wrenching fear and incredible guilt.”

It was this experience that encouraged her to provide a coaching service for others, so they could get a helping hand through the difficult process.

Those wishing to find out more about the Child-Centered Divorce Network can visit their website on the link provided above.