This Is Why Truck Accidents Can Be a Lot More Complex Than Car Incidents

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( — February 6, 2019) — Often, when people are injured in commercial vehicle accidents, they assume that the claims process will be similar to that for an auto accident, albeit on a larger scale. However, this simply isn’t true. In this guide, you’ll learn why trucking accidents are more complex than those involving passenger vehicles.

More Insurance Coverage

Because of the nature, size, and interstate movements of commercial trucks, insurance policies are worth up to 50 times more than those for passenger vehicles. This high level of coverage is necessary because of the severe damage a large vehicle can inflict, and insurers do whatever they can to escape liability. Insurance adjusters use complex tactics to shift the blame onto the victim, and in many cases, they offer a seemingly large settlement at the beginning of the case. Don’t fall for a lowball settlement offer; consult an attorney instead.

Varying Regulations

Many commercial trucks make interstate deliveries, and these companies must register with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and the Department of Transportation. Because of the nature of the job, interstate trucking companies face many more regulations than passenger car drivers do. Regulations cover truck maintenance, driver qualifications and licensing logbooks, and annual inspections. Because passenger cars don’t have similar regulations, truck accidents are more complex where liability determination is concerned.

Significant Property Damage

A fully-loaded semi truck may weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds. This weight, along with the vehicle’s size, will inflict damage on anything in its path. Commercial vehicle accidents often cause extreme property damage, which means the next factor on our list shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Serious Injuries

One of the biggest differences between auto accidents and trucking accidents is at the extent of the injuries they cause. When a 40-ton truck goes up against a one-ton vehicle, the resulting injuries are often life-altering, ranging from whiplash to death. Although trucking companies carry large insurance policies to cover the risk, the effects of these injuries may last a lifetime.

Higher Medical Bills

Because trucking accident injuries are more severe than those in passenger car wrecks, it makes sense that resulting medical bills are higher. A traumatic injury brings with it a longer hospital stay, extensive testing, longer recovery, and other repercussions. A person may miss a lot of work, severely affecting their family’s finances. An attorney will consider this and other factors when determining an appropriate level of compensation.

A Greater Chance of Death

Because these vehicles are much larger and heavier than passenger cars, they’re more likely to cause fatal accidents. According to the FMCSA, trucking accidents cause approximately 5000 fatalities per year. This fact is extremely unsettling, but these accidents are simply more likely to result in death. If a family member has lost his or her life in a commercial vehicle accident, it’s important to consult one of the area’s experienced truck accident attorneys before filing a claim.


In the areas described here, an attorney’s experience is crucial in ensuring that you get the money you deserve. Truck accident attorneys understand insurance company tactics, trucking regulations, and insurance rules. They’ll use their knowledge to work within the state’s laws, with the goal of a fair settlement. Rather than relying on the insurance company’s initial settlement offer or handling the case on your own, count on an injury lawyer to help you get the award you deserve.