Health Authorities Say Women Have Unique Risk of Heart Attacks

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( — February 14, 2019) Orlando, FL — When it comes to health issues, women are often linked with breast cancer. Researchers, however, said that there is another condition that commonly affects females.

Research has revealed that heart disease is actually the top cause of death in women globally. 

The World Health Organization has found that women are seven times more susceptible to death due to heart disease than breast cancer. 

According to Siemens Healthineers Global, healthcare provider, stroke as well as heart disease accounts for nearly half of all female deaths in China. It is worth mentioning this is by 43.9 percent.

The Singapore Heart Foundation, on the other hand, warns that heart disease has no gender or socio-economic boundaries, geographic, and nine out of 10 women exhibit at least one risk factor for heart disease.

According to Dr Susan Jamieson, increase the levels of blood pressure triggers the heart to work harder. This places the blood vessels under strain. Hypertension is a universal risk as are obesity and diabetes.

Dr Susan Jamieson is an integrative medical specialist with her own clinic in Central, Hong Kong.

When it comes to high blood cholesterol, men and women have different systems. Dr. Jamieson added that the cholesterol of women is higher than in men from 55 years and onwards.

Further, reduced levels of HDL or good cholesterol are a greater risk in women than in men. It is worth mentioning that good cholesterol aids in reducing the risk of heart disease.

It does so by offering protection to the heart and arteries. What makes HDL even more beneficial is that it aids in filtering LDL or bad cholesterol and drive them away from the artery walls, and back to the liver to be processed.

According to experts, women exhibit unique risks for heart attacks due to the manner that their hormones affect inflammation. The levels of estrogen increase the antibody responses in a woman’s body.

This leads to extra protection from infection, but at the same time, increases the risk that antibodies may stick with the vessels in the heart. This, according to scientists, increases heart attack risk.

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