Fashion Tips on How to Wear Leggings in Summer

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( — February 8, 2019) — Leggings make you look fashionable. They are stylish and comfortable. Many women love to wear leggings during the summer months as they are better than jeans. The material in leggings makes your legs breathe, and they can be worn with any top or long tunic that covers your bottom.

Choosing the right leggings for the hot summer months

Leggings are versatile, and you can wear them all through the year. However, when it comes to the summer months, you must pick up a material that is breathable so that your legs do not become over-heated. Leggings are available in cotton Lycra and Spandex that allow the air to circulate around your legs. Some have mesh bands and stripes to allow air to flow freely. You can buy leggings in all colors and pair them up with oversized tops and T-shirts for a cool summer look.

Try on your leggings before you finally buy them

When you are buying leggings for summer, you should go to the fitting room and try them on. The leggings at your waist should be tight so that when you move about- they should not fall down. The material should be comfortable around the stomach and waist. There should be room for your hips as well so that when you sit down, you are comfortable and do not feel tightness in the area. A good test is to do some kicks and squat. This gives you a good idea on the comfort levels of the leggings and whether you should buy them or not. In case, the leggings feel tight or are too loose; it is wise to try on a new pair. Make sure the material does not sag in specific places and when you are buying printed leggings, try them on to see whether they look good on you or not. Some patterns do not look nice when they stretch out so make sure you check how they look on you before you make the final purchase.

If you have a heavy body built, it is prudent to choose dark colors like black and brown to make your legs look slimmer. Light color leggings are transparent, and so it is wise to wear long tops. In summer, women wear bright colors so choose the leggings as per your body type and build. When it comes to the measurements of the leggings for your height and body type ask professionals from stores to help you with the leggings size chart. Even after you receive the correct size, remember to try them on in the fitting room

Wear leggings with high waists if you have short legs

If you have short legs, try on leggings that have high waists. They will make your legs look longer, and they match well with summer shirts and tops that are comfortable. You can also pair up leggings with colorful crop tops that make your mid-section look thinner and longer. However, when you are looking for the right summer top for leggings, void the tops that make you look fat or appear like a muffin around the waist.

Choose Capri styled leggings for days that are hot. When the temperature soars, capris are a cooler option to wear over full-length leggings. They should touch the muscular part of the leg. There are leggings with flares that make you look taller and your legs slimmer. You may buy them for summer fashion. In case, you are not too fond of cropped tops; you can opt for the light blouses to team up with your leggings. You can wear tank tops and have an open shirt paired up with your leggings- this is a stylish and cool look that goes with summer.

Team your leggings with the right shoes

When you are searching for the complete summer look, you cannot avoid the importance of shoes. You can opt for sandals and flats to complete the summer look with cool leggings. If you are wearing Capri styled or ankle length leggings, team them up with high heels. The leggings will make your legs look longer and more attractive. When you are wearing leggings for the summer look make sure that you do not overdress with accessories. Wear bright colored shoes so that you look nice with the leggings you wear.

Buy good brands

When you are looking for the right leggings to wear during the hot summer months, buy good brands. These brands will give you the comfort and the style you deserve. Make sure you buy leggings within your price range. The good news is you are able to find leggings in all price ranges- this means you do not have to go beyond your budget to buy the right leggings for summer. Another advantage of leggings is they are cheaper than jeans. You can buy at least 3 to 4 pairs of leggings against the price of one jean. This means you can sport a new fashion daily without burning a hole in your pocket.

When you are looking for leggings online, make sure you know your measurements well. There is no point buying from online stores when you are not sure of what your measurements are. Visit a local store to get your size and when you are shopping online compare the chart so that you do not land up buying the wrong size. For online purchases, make sure you check their returns and refunds policy so that in the near future if you have hassles with fitting, you will not face problems changing the pair of leggings purchased.

Therefore, when you are looking for the perfect summer leggings for your wardrobe, keep the above tips in mind. They will help you to get good quality leggings without hassles. Check the different styles and patterns that appeal to you the most and if possible, try them out before you make the final purchase. Leggings are cool and comfortable, and with the summer months coming up, they should occupy an important place in your wardrobe soon!