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( — February 11, 2019) Darien, CT — Chronic nerve pain can literally rob you of your independence. People get used to copious amounts of medications and a revolving door of health care practitioners. All in search of relief. Drs. Marc Kirshner & Brian McKay of Core Health Darien recognizing the need are forming a Neuropathy & Chronic Nerve Pain support group. The formal name is Neuropathy Hope & Help Support Fairfield County CT. It may be long but it gets to the point. We hope people with neuropathy and their supporters join us for our monthly meetings. The meetings are free and will be the first Saturday of the month at noon.

The goal is to help people suffering from nerve pain find answers and get the help they cannot seem to find. The support group setting is a judgment-free zone where people can share ideas about their success and their failures in seeking out results. There is no charge for attending the group.
Our initial meeting will take place on Saturday, March 2 at noon. It will be held at Core Health Darien 551 Post Road in Darien. People wishing to attend may call 203-875-0846 for more information. Core Health Darien is located in the same building as Quest Diagnostics and M&T Bank.
We do not allow any selling in the support group. We are creating a safe comfortable environment to share ideas and to offer hope as well. Please join us if you care about seeing people feel better.
Our format will be one moderator who will introduce each new member. Then we can share our personal journeys with neuropathy and chronic nerve pain. Lastly, we want to share what each member has found to be a great resource. All too often there are the latest “Johnny Come Lately” products and services that often fail to deliver on results. We really want to avoid those and with a dynamic group, we can prevent other people from making similar mistakes.
If you cannot make it then reach out and make the April meeting. Drs. Kirshner and McKay really want this group to succeed.

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