Steps to Building a Pool – Creating a Backyard Oasis

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( — February 12, 2019) — Building a pool is not a simple task, but the ability to take a dip whenever it’s hot outside is extremely rewarding. Below is a guide to the steps to building a pool so that you can get your backyard ready for the summertime.

Steps to Building a Swimming Pool

1. Designing Your Swimming Pool

The first step to take in building a swimming pool is to find a credible pool contractor near you. You can do so by looking them up online or by getting recommendations from friends and family. After contacting a professional, you will have a good idea about the cost of your endeavor. The contractor will get all the necessary permits from your local community and follow all the requirements necessary. Once the permits are approved, the actual construction of the pool can begin.

2. Layout

One of the exciting parts of the construction is the excavation process. The time it requires to dig a pool depends on a couple of different things – size of the pool, soil conditions and access to the site. Most of the pools take around one or two days to be completely dug.

3. Electrical

Once your pool is dug out, it is time for plumbing and electrical systems. This is the part where most of the lines of your pool will be complete. This includes the placement of the suction and return lines, as well as vacuum cleaner and fill lines. In most cases, the whole process of placing the electrical conduits and the pipes will take no more than two or three days to complete.

4. Steel

This is the adding of reinforcement steel in the shape of the pool. This takes less than a day to do, depending on the size and shape of your pool.

5. Concrete

Before this part, your backyard probably looks more like a war zone with a big hole in the middle of it. The crews will lay a concrete foundation, filling the steel shape set earlier. As your pool will start taking its shape, you will have a job as well. In the week after the builders set the concrete, you need to hose the swimming pool shell three times a day to help cure the material.

6. Tiles

After the concrete has cured, it is time for the installation of tiles. The tiles are used to provide an easy-to-clean surface. In some pools, rocks are added to give a more natural look, but some people prefer the classic swimming pool style made with tiles .

7. Decks

Now, the tiles are installed and the next step is the decking. Some people like using wood to give a more authentic look, while others use concrete. Concrete is more durable and slip-resistant than wood which makes it a more logical choice if you have kids or you prefer safety over looks.

8. Equipment

At this point, you probably want to fill up your pool and just swim. Well, don’t worry! You’re almost there! There are still a couple of things that need to be installed. The company will hook up lights, control panels as well as a pump and filters.

9. Plaster

The plaster is what makes the surface of your pool waterproof. Another alternative that costs less are Grecian borders.

10. Clean Up

This is the moment where you get to finally declutter your backyard. You can finally hose everything off and get your pool prepped to be used by filling it with water.

Bottom Line

Building a pool usually takes a team of people to do so, but the end result is all worth it in the end. This article outlined the steps to building a pool so that you can know what steps to take at every point in your pool building journey. The steps range from the initial design of your pool, implementing the infrastructure of your pool, to cleaning up the mess left behind.