Experts Strongly Warn Against the Increasing Liver Disease Prevalence in Men

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( — February 21, 2019) Orlando, FL — Today, more and more people are struggling from liver health issues. In men, it appears that the condition stays common.

Health authorities warn against liver conditions like viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, bile duct cancer, liver cancer, autoimmune or genetic liver disease, and alcoholic liver disease.

The American Cancer Society reveals that the risk of having liver disease is increased by tobacco and alcohol use.

According to physicians, the liver is the size of a football. It aids in food digestion as well as nutrient absorption. It also takes care of eliminating the toxic substances from the body.

There are symptoms to watch out for in men who suffer from liver health issues. This includes jaundice, which is characterized by the yellowing of discoloring of the skin and whites of the eyes.

The University of Maryland Medical Center reveals that jaundice is one of the principle symptoms of liver problems.

The yellowing has been found to be due to the increased levels of the bilirubin molecule. Liver health issues may also lead to swelling in the abdomen.

According to the Merck Manual of Medical Information, issues affecting the liver can cause the organ to turn larger than the usual.

Experts have also found that the accumulation of the fluid called ascites may contribute to the swelling and tenderness in the abdomen.

It is important to take the measures necessary in warding off liver-related diseases. When a condition develops, it needs to be immediately addressed before it worsens. There are also liver diseases that could result in fatal consequences.

Health experts have long been stressing the importance of nourishing the body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. In addition to unloading the liver from toxins and protecting it from threats, it is also best satisfy its nutritional needs.

There are many nutrients being widely studied due to their liver enhancing effects. These therapeutic properties and ingredients can be found in food, but also in supplements.

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