High Acid Load Related Health Issues Discussed by Just Fitter

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(Newswire.net — February 21, 2019) — Just Fitter has just released a short but insightful blog post where the negative health effects of high acid load has been discussed. The company is a manufacturer of health and fitness products that are sold via Amazon.com.

Just Fitter has just published one more high-quality article through their recently launched blog post. In this article, the author has explained the harmful impact of a high acid load on the human body. The article also provides a list of alkaline foods that can help maintain a healthy body with a positive alkali load.

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All modern-day experts agree about the fact that an alkaline body is desirable for helping to stay disease free. The overall pH of the human body tends to vary significantly depending on the combined effect of different foods consumed by the individual. However, Just Fitter reminds the readers that the pH of the blood remains unaffected by a person’s food choices.

The article reveals that the pH analysis of different foods started from the 1960s, resulting in the segregation of different foods into acidic and alkaline categories. It is fairly simple these days to prevent the creation of a high acid load in the body by opting for more alkaline foods. Just Fitter strongly urges the readers to go organic because most of the inorganic food sources are grown in mineral-free soils loaded with toxins.

“In general, vegetables and fruits are mostly alkaline in nature because of their mineral content. On the other hand, poultry, meat, dairy, caffeine, and processed foods are acidic in nature. All soda drinkers must keep in mind that this is highly acidic with a pH of around 2.5,” the article mentions.

The article also lists down the following negative health impacts of high acid load.

· Consuming too much acidic food may result in a condition called chronic low-grade acidosis. This condition is characterized by inflammation and chronic pain.

· If not neutralized by alkaline minerals, the consumption of acidic food for a long period may cause deterioration of bone density.

· Magnesium is an extremely important mineral for the body, and the consumption of magnesium deficient acidic foods may lead to anxiety, sleep deprivation, headaches, and many other issues affecting the whole body.

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To read the entire blog post published by Just Fitter, please visit : www.justfitter.com/blog

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