New Custom Jewelry Creation Process Launch by Luvari Gives Customers a Choice

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( — February 15, 2019) — Salt Lake City, UT — Luvari announced the availability of their new Custom Jewelry Design Service for gifts, wedding, anniversaries of any celebrations. More information can be found at

Luvari is challenging the traditional jewelry industry establishment with their new custom design creation process.

Jewelry buyers purchasing through traditional methods are currently limited by:

– Options to customize their jewelry

– Lack of inventory at jewelry stores, or online

– The creativity of the designer, who is designing for the masses

– Low quality cheap imports

– Final products that don’t look like the web images

– And lots more.

McKay Crowley, the CEO at Luvari has released details of Luvari’s Custom Jewelry Design Services.

This service is designed to appeal to couples getting married, celebrating anniversaries, graduations, or just want a custom created fine jewelry items.

Crowley outlined the following benefits to using Luvari’s service.

Personalized Jewelry Design – This feature includes an Artist’s 3D rendition of your design. Consumers can create designs that truly encapsulates their unique personality and self worth.

Luvari is able to pass cost savings over to the consumer for equivalent fine jewelry options at retail stores. Traditional jewelry stores incur massive in rents, staff, inventory, marketing, middlemen and so forth. Luvari cuts out all that and designs something truly incredible at a fraction of the cost without compromising costs or quality.

One of a kind unique jewelry – Luvari ensures a 100% unique item, customized to the exact preferences, personality, interests of their customers. In a day when jewelry gets photographed and shared on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest – There is no risk of having your jewelry being the same as others online.

McKay Crowley, when asked about the Custom Jewelry Design Service said:

“With innovative technology, cutting-edge 3D-printing technologies, expert goldsmiths and a leading-edge user interface, Luvari caters to the needs of the prospective groom and bride-to-be, or any other custom jewelry projects with expert precision. Luvari’s online process offers shoppers rings and jewelry accessories at a lower cost and with more customizable options than regular jewelers. Customers who use the service get a truly custom design at a price lower than buying a stock item from a regular jewelry store.”

McKay Crowley is particularly excited about this launch because as Luvari’s slogan says it all. “Need a custom ring? You provide the dream, we’ll provide the ring.”

Those interested in learning more about Luvari and their Custom Jewelry Design Service can get more information at or can go here to get started.