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( — February 18, 2019) — Nutrition and lifestyle website Writing Links announced its official relaunch, featuring a series of easy-to-read, informative articles on nootropic foods, antioxidants, vitamins, and other topics.

Writing Links, an informative website dedicated to healthy living and nutrition, announced its official relaunch. Featuring a wide range of articles on topics such as antioxidant foods, the importance of vitamins, foods that promote optimal cognitive performance, and many others, the website is ideal for anyone looking to learn more about the latest research on nutrition and healthy living.

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One of the two main sections of the new website is “Nootropics”. Focusing on foods and lifestyle changes that promote higher cognitive performance and creativity, the section offers practical tips for anyone looking to learn more about nootropic foods, as well as the research behind how they are beneficial for the brain.

According to Writing Links, nootropics are particularly important since they offer a much-needed help in today’s hectic, stressful world.

The website explains: “Our world is more polluted and toxic than ever before creating both a challenge to our brain chemistry as well as for our survival on planet earth. Brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia are skyrocketing from the onslaught that modern living has created with good but shortsighted intentions. And millions of us need multiple cups of strong coffee just to get through the day because of the awful brain fog we experience, mainly from living in unhealthy, outmoded ways.”

Learning more about nootropics and using certain foods – such as ginseng, curcumin and Rhodiola – can help anyone experience clearer thinking, higher concentration and optimal energy levels.

An important part of optimal mental clarity and performance, however, is exercise; Writing Links states that without moderate physical exercise, consumers of nootropic foods will not experience the same benefits as those who exercise on a regular basis.

Website visitors will find a variety of nootropic food recommendations and other useful tips and resources.

The “Health” category features a series of articles on vitamins, antioxidant foods, and other topics, with practical tips to help anyone implement effective nutritional and lifestyle changes.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.