Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce Utilizes Proactive Online Review Platform

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( — February 20, 2019) — Lake Wylie, SC — Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce enters partnership with Online Review Machine to take more advantage of digital marketing. Gathering more online reviews are at the top of the wish list.

Membership in the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce puts one in touch with the perfect business partner. Through numerous programs and services as well as access to information available only to members, the Chamber is right by your side to help your business grow and prosper. Of course, there is more to Chamber membership than growing your business and increasing your profits. As a member, you are investing in the community where you live and do business. The Chamber works to protect the quality of life and ensure that the local economy continues to thrive. If the community remains prosperous, then each business will benefit.

Joining the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce today is a standout among other investments a business can make, both for expanding profitability and for enhancing the Lake Wylie Community. Participation is a venture offering an arrival of new leads for any business, a better economy and true personal satisfaction.

Enrollment is available to all zone organizations and people who have an honest to goodness enthusiasm for the improvement of Lake Wylie and keep up the yearly dues in the Chamber. Enrollment is an interest in the present and eventual fate of the locale’s welfare. Participation levy is not an altruistic commitment but rather might be imposed deductible as a customary and fundamental cost of doing business.

The Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce is moving along into 2019 with a decision to make a major push into helping themselves and it’s members in the digital marketing arena. They have started a major push to gather a consistent flow of Online Reviews, starting with Google Reviews. There are few areas that bring more benefits to a local business in 2019 than Online Reviews and the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce has decided to lead by example.

This decision is in perfect alignment with this Chambers’s Mission Statement

Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement:

“To build a business environment that creates economic prosperity for our members and our community by serving as the voice of the business community and by providing a support network for members.”

One day they were drawn closer by Scott Powell and Online Review Machine to help with Online Reviews. He had an extremely interesting idea!

What Scott Powell offered was FREE FOR LIFE Online Review Platform his company Online Review Machine offers. The idea was to give them something that would help them, help themselves and the Chambers’s members!

Scott said,

“I approached the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce with a gift of our online review platform which will allow them to have an automated proactive system to receive Online Reviews from the Chamber Members and anyone else wanting to leave the Chamber a review. We now have a great relationship with the Chamber, and after about 2 weeks of working with the chamber the results of helping them so far get more reviews on Google we have made great progress. They started off with no reviews and today they have 16 5-Star Google Reviews.”

Online Reviews are trusted by consumers 91% as much as a personal recommendations. Online Reviews are today’s referrals.

Mr Powell went on to say, “the Members of the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce are very lucky to have such dedicated professionals who made the decision to lead by example. The women leading this Chamber are very inspirational”.

Susan Bromfield the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce President added, ” I’m the president of the Lake Wylie chamber of commerce located in Lake Wyllie South Carolina. Lake Wylie a vibrant and growing community is located in the busy gateway into North Carolina just minutes south from Charlotte.

At a recent Chamber executive conference Scott Powell with Online Review Machine presented the many benefits & opportunities for having a strong internet presence.

I’d like to thank Scott & his team at Online Review Machine who have helped Lake Wyle Chamber of Commerce in establishing our presence on the internet. Within a couple of days of their service our chamber was receiving 5-star ratings.

This technology has made it easier for businesses and induvial to find us on line and to stay up to date with events and information Lake Wyle has to offer. The Lake Wylie Chamber of commerce is very excited to partner with Scott and his team in providing this technology as an option for our members”.

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