Serious Cycling Enthusiasts Head to Mallorca for Their Next Big Challenge

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( — February 20, 2019) — If you have never heard of Mallorca, and you love cycling, you need to change that, you will not regret it. It is the place for cycling lovers from all over the world. A beautiful island in the Mediterranean it not only offers a challenge to those looking to push themselves to the next level in their chosen sport, it offers amazing landscapes, changing terrain, incredible coastlines and a holiday you’ll never forget.


For those passionate about everything on two wheels, Mallorca cycling holidays are the perfect opportunity to grab a bike and hit the road. With routes for every level and ability, and the infrastructure set up to support visitors, it is a holiday not to be missed.

A beautiful landscape for all ability levels

With various cycling holidays available on the island, there is plenty of choice, whether it is for a quick weekend away, or a full week to really hone those skills.

Local cycling schools offer incredible guided routes that will reveal parts of this amazing place that not everyone gets to experience. Routes range from 67 km to 133 km, and elevations from 555m to 2,914m , so all levels and abilities are catered for.

With the fantastic Mediterranean climate, you know you can rely on the weather, when you are facing your personal challenge, and enjoy awe inspiring hills, beautiful mountain views and great coastal scenery. Cruising across the island you will never feel more alive.

Push yourself further in a professional training camp

The island is considered a bit of a mecca for cycling enthusiasts. Those wishing to push themselves harder and further than ever before in ability, stamina, performance and strength.

To help with this Majorca has some of the best training camps around, with professional experts available to help cyclists reach the next level. Carefully planned stages are created to hone skills and push the body to the limit of endurance.

Full support and bike rental Mallorca is also available, complete with support carsand maintenance assistance, so cyclists can really focus on the physical challenge knowing that all the logistics and practicalities are taken care of.

Expert planning helps you make the most of your trip

With bespoke cycling holidays, you are able to make the most of a team of resident experts, both in cycling and the island itself. Having people on hand with such an extensive knowledge of the sport, and detailed knowledge of every road and hill across the island is absolutely priceless. For them, it is not just a job but also a passion.

It also means things like airport transfers for you and your equipment, especially bike transportation if you are bringing your own are all taken care of. And specialist equipment is also available to hire. Bike storage is thought of, and mechanical assistance, support car on route and daily guided tours all available. Everything can be catered for and allow you to truly enjoy this phenomenal experience.

The ultimate challenge – Mallorca events

Ready to really push yourself, then there are some demanding and exhilarating events that take place regularly across the island at certain times of year. The Gran Fondo races are a popular favourite with cyclists the world over. With sacrifice, dedication and training it is a great way to discover your limits and how to push through them.

There is also the prestigious race, the Mallorca 312. With three free choice courses of 312, 225 and 167 km, the route is completely closed to traffic and offers a unique experience and a chance to safely push yourself. It also has an amazing atmosphere, despite being a race, it has a true feeling on companionship between riders and the public are supportive, friendly and excited to be part of all. Whatever your level imagine the feeling as you cross the finish line and being part of those few lucky enough to do so.