Experts Now Recommend Activated Charcoal for Heavy Burns

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( — February 28, 2019) Orlando, FL — Burns are usually treated with topical ointments and some other remedies. There are different stages of burns, but they all produce pain.

According to experts, there are many ways a burn can happen. It can be due to a car crash or a simple accident in the kitchen.

Recovery from burns may require not just time but courage and effort from the sufferer. There are those who struggle from such extreme pain that they are usually treated with pain relievers temporarily.

It is important to note that the skin has an innate ability to heal itself. Depending on the severity of the burn, healing may run from days to months.

There are many who end up getting emotionally out of balance due to the burn they suffer from. The good news is that a majority of people recover from burns without coming close to having serious health consequences.

It actually depends on the cause and degree of the injury. There are chemical and electrical burns and there are also those caused by scalding hot, boiling liquids. Fires from candles, matches, and lighters can also cause a burn.

Burns are often characterized by redness, inflammation, and pain. As they start healing, the skin dries and peels off.

There is a myriad of topical ointments available for heavy burns, but it is worth mentioning that some natural remedies have been found beneficial.

According to research studies, activated charcoal may be useful. It has actually been used for decades in a form of carbon cloth dressings for the burns suffered by the military.

It is important to note that activated charcoal has long been utilized for a range of medicinal purposes. There are those who use it for teeth whitening, water filtration, body detox, and digestive issues such as bloating and gas.

When it comes to extreme burns, activated charcoal has been found to be useful in providing relief and cleansing post burn. In other words, it can relieve pain caused by the burn. It is similarly important to mention that any risk of infection can also be reduced with the use of activated charcoal.

This has been found to be due to the charcoal’s ability to eliminate bacteria as well as infectious microbes, which have been found to prevent healing correlated with burns.

It is worth realizing that the use of activated charcoal has also been associated with many other benefits. Some experts even say it is beneficial for the appearance and health of the skin.

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