Health Authorities Now Warn Diabetes Drugs Can Produce Side Effects

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( — February 28, 2019) Wilmington, DE — Certain pharmaceutical drugs are used in the management of diabetes. While these medications are helpful, it is important to remember they may also cause some undesirable health consequences.

Health experts say there are various diabetes medications and every one of them performs a different function.

There are those who struggle from side effects like nausea or even an upset stomach.

In the United Kingdom, physicians prescribe various different diabetes drugs. Such a prescription can depend on how one reacts to a medication. When there are adverse reactions, the doctor often changes the prescription.

According to health care providers, the diabetes drug that works best for someone is determined by some factors. This includes one’s unique circumstances, diabetes care routine, the body itself, diet, exercise, and some other medical conditions.

Some of the common side effects are skin rash, weight gain, low blood sugar, kidney complications, exhaustion, dizziness, gas, bloating, diarrhea, weight gain, anemia risk, and swelling of the ankles or legs.

There are natural remedies believed to be potentially helpful for individuals with Type 2 diabetes. One is the B vitamin called biotin, which has long been investigated by researchers and clinicians due to its remarkable healing benefits.

According to scientists, biotin aids in reducing blood sugar levels. They theorized this may be due to its ability to increase insulin production and even enhance glucose uptake in muscle cells.

Studies have even found to could stimulate a liver enzyme called glucokinase, which promotes glycogen synthesis.

Research has also revealed that daily biotin supplementation reduced fasting blood sugar concentrations. Such a reduction was by an average of approximately 45 percent in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

There have been quite a number of studies that reveal how therapeutic biotin is for human health. It is worth mentioning that its deficiency inside the body has been found to produce a range of symptoms and potentially, diseases.

Scientists have also revealed that intake of high doses of biotin has been found to improve the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.

It is worth mentioning this nerve damage condition commonly affects individuals who suffer from diabetes.

More and more research studies are trying to validate how helpful this B vitamin is when it comes to diabetes.

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