Viral SociMasters Social Media Event Software Launched

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( — February 22, 2019) — New York, NY — Muncheye announced the launch of product creator Ivana Bosnjak’s social media event software Viral SociMasters. The software features automated Facebook live event generation for restaurants in order to improve traffic and customer engagement and will launch on the 22nd of February, 2019.

Internet marketing launch platform Muncheye announced the 2019 launch of Viral SociMasters by product creator Ivana Bosnjak. The viral traffic method & social media event software for restaurants is expected to launch on the 22nd of February, 2019.

More information about Viral SociMasters is available at

The viral restaurant event traffic software creators estimate that 85 percent of all restaurants struggle to drive foot traffic to their restaurants. Industry reports suggest that growing delivery sales may be a factor influencing the decline in casual dining. Most restaurants on Facebook operate within the “Food” or “Tea & Coffee” categories, paying for advertising and other campaigns to improve sales.

Viral SociMasters helps marketers and restaurants generate viral interest in their cuisine in order to drive exponential increases in foot traffic or deliveries. The software leverages the “Events” section of the Facebook Local App, allowing owners and marketers to auto-create viral Facebook events in any restaurant niche.

Event management and ticketing portal Eventbrite estimates that the attendance rate for live events by millineals stands at 90 percent with 61 percent of people attending live events in order to obtain shareable social media content.

The Viral SociMasters restaurant automatic event generation software sets up stand-alone or recurring restaurant events that showcase specific products or services that are part of the restaurant’s daily operations. These auto-generated events show up in local searches and generate user interest in the event.

The software includes viral events for 12 restaurant niches, all marketing assets and content to support all types of events, and one-click event creation capabilities. The software is bundled with an over-the-shoulder training video and pdf reference documents.

According to a spokesperson for Viral SociMasters, “We are delighted to be able to offer marketers an event-based restaurant viral traffic solution that requires no technical skills, zero budget, and simple deployment. The product is bundled with 48 ready-made events for the 12 most popular restaurant niches.”

Viral SociMasters will be available at a front-end price of $15. More information is available at and at the URL above.