Difference Between Hot Tub and Spa – Notable Differences

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(Newswire.net — February 25, 2019) — Spa, hot tub, and jacuzzi – what’s the difference? Although all three of these items are very similar to one another, they all have their differences that make them unique. This article will go further into detail about the difference between hot tub and spa so that you choose the relaxation device that’ll be best for you.

Differences Between Hot Tubs and Spas


A spa refers to a term which is associated with water treatment, that is referred to as balneotherapy. The spa has things such as natural hot springs refer to different types of hydrotherapy. During the prehistoric times, so many people believed that mineral water has curative powers. Spas are very common in the United States, Japan, and Europe.

Spa is also an American term that means a hot tub that is equipped with very strong jets which mix air into the water so that one can have a high massage effect. These spas can be part of an in-ground swimming pool, sunk into the outdoor deck or indoor floor and above the ground.

Hot Tub

A hot tub refers to a small pool or large tub which is full of heated water and can be used for pleasure or hydrotherapy. Some tubs have jets mainly for massage purposes. These hot tubs are sometimes referred to as spas or a jacuzzi.

In this case, the confusion which exists about the hot tub is not about the jacuzzi or spa. First of all, a hot tub is referred to as a wooden tub, in case you’re talking about the acrylic finish or swirly which has a million jets and molded seats; then that’s the spa.

Normally, a hot tub is a round wooden tank which has a 4 to 8 jets around the sides and a simple bench seat. Some people also consider having high-speed pumps and blowers in their hot tub. Others prefer having a hot tub that is hot soak which does not have turbulent bubbles and noisy equipment which can bounce you off from the seat.


This refers to portable spa manufacturers. Like the case of Xerox, this brand name is used to refer to all types of products in this hot water category. Many hotels are popular for advertising an in-room jacuzzi, whereas they’ve got a spa which is made by other manufacturers.

Jetted Tub

A jetted tub refers to a bathtub, which is normally installed in a master bath that has many jets around the tub. It can be connected to small flexible pipes around the tub which is fitted to an air blower and circulation pump. The luxury models are very large and can have a heater for keeping the water which comes out of the hot tap. All that you have to do is to fill it up just like a normal bathtub and then set some controls. The major difference between the jetted tub and hot tub or spa is that you can drain it after you use it. Therefore, you will not be required to have a spa cover or spam filter.

Therapy Tub

This refers to the stainless steel tubs which are usually found in locker rooms for athletic facilities and training rooms. They are used for ice soaks to prevent inflammation after an injury or loosening muscles after vigorous activity. They’re usually filled with cold water or hot water and sometimes can have an electric heater of the circulation pump.


So, what really is the difference between hot tub and spa? A hot tub is referred to as a wooden tub, in case you’re talking about the acrylic finish or swirly which has a million jets and molded seats; then that’s the spa.