Essential Garments That are Perfect for a Spring Wedding

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( — February 25, 2019) — Are you wondering what to wear when you attend a wedding that is set to happen between March and May? Spring is a beautiful season to wear pastel colors and enjoy the flowing, chiffon materials but it can often be difficult to find garments that work perfectly for the spring wedding. Everyone else may already know what they want to wear, but perhaps you’re stuck about what would look amazing on you.

We’re here to help you out! It’s sometimes stressful deciding on what outfit will look great and allow you to feel confident, but if you want some advice, we have plenty to give out. Keep reading this post for more helpful tips and advice that you need to hear.

Knitted or Cotton Casual Dress

You don’t want to look too relaxed or as if you’re not trying but if you’re attending a casual day time wedding then often a pastel-colored knitted dress will look super pretty, and it’s comfortable too. Pair your knitted or cotton dress with some heels to make it a little more formal but don’t be afraid to rock a more casual outfit if that is the theme of the wedding. You don’t want to turn up wearing jeans but this style of outfit works almost every time but equally not everyone wants to wear beach wedding dresses either, especially during the spring season.

Short Jacket or Cardigan

Unfortunately, we can’t always predict the weather in spring. The day could start off super bright and sunny but end raining. To save yourself getting wet and ruining your outfit, taking a small jacket or cardigan to put on if it gets chilly will be a lifesaver. It’s a modest and respectful way to dress if you’re attending a formal church wedding too, but you can equally take it off later to rock your way around the dancefloor. We particularly love cropped knitted cardigans to wear over any formal gown paired with beautiful kitten heels to impress everyone who sees your outfit.

Bold Skirts

When the invitation says that ‘festive attire’ is required, then think something a little brighter and more colorful. The wedding is most likely to be a fun party meaning guests will be strutting their stuff in flirty and fashionable garments. Short, bold colored skirts are the perfect option when this is the theme, especially during spring time! JJ’s House does a range of beautiful outfits (including skirts!) if you’re wondering where is best to shop for your new outfit.

Off the Shoulder Chiffon Dress

Chiffon dresses are perhaps one of the most spring style garments you can wear, they’re beautiful and flow in the cool breeze which is perfect if you’re not sure what to wear. Off the shoulder, designs are great too as they’re something a little different, plus they look nice on virtually everyone who wears them. They can show off your figure and give you a boost of confidence if you need it. Semi-formal spring weddings are the perfect setting to wear a chiffon dress. Pair it with some of your favorite chunky wedges and maybe some dainty jewelry pieces too.