Scientists Now Recommends Some Tricks to Enhance Male Fertility

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( — March 5, 2019) Orlando, FL — While there are quite a number of men who suffer from fertility and sexual health issues, it is not widely discussed.

According to researchers, there are ways to fight these issues. There are fertility superfoods like oysters that have been found to have high zinc content. Studies have shown zinc is vital for a healthy sperm development.

Zinc can also be found in red meat, crab, beans, and poultry.

Another technique is to add some antioxidants in the diet. Antioxidants have long been studied due to their remarkable ability to ward off cancer and heart disease. Not too many people are aware that they can also increase male fertility.

Scientists reveal that men who consumed antioxidants had reduced DNA damaged sperm than those who did not consume antioxidants. There are other researchers who claim that couples had higher pregnancy rates when men consumed additional antioxidants.

Studies have shown vitamin C, selenium, vitamin E, folic acid, and lycopene are helpful for male fertility and sexual health.

Aside from having the right diet and nutrients, it is also recommended to have frequent sex. Experts say frequent sex is essential for semen health.

Some toxic chemicals have been found to increase the risk of infertility, and exposure to these chemicals can happen in the workplace. Researchers say painters, farmers, and varnishers are more prone to such chemical exposure.

Some all-natural measures have been found beneficial for men who want to enhance fertility and sexual function. One is L-Carnitine, which has long been found to improve exercise performance, energy, and cognitive health.

According to researchers, semen has amounts of carnitine that are directly linked with sperm count and mobility. Intake of L-Carnitine has been found potentially beneficial in the treatment of male infertility.

Studies have shown it has a remarkable ability to provide the sperm cells with more energy. It could even decrease cell death in the testes.

In one study involving 100 infertile men, it has been found carnitine intake led to increased motility in the sperm cells.

Scientists carried out a six-month-long study and it involved treating married but infertile men with oral dose of 250 mg carnitine four times a day.

The findings of the study reveal that the use of carnitine lead to improvements in sperm count, mobility, and concentration. The effectiveness of the natural remedy was comparable to that of varicocelectomy surgery.

Carnitine is considered an antioxidant, and it could produce some neutralizing effects on free radicals. It is important to remember that free-radical-buildup has long been found to be detrimental to sperm health.

Due to its free-radical-fighting effects, carnitine could enhance the viability of sperm cells. It also has some positive effects on testosterone levels and sexual function.

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