New SEO Tool Alert: RecoverInboundLinks™

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( — February 26, 2019) — This new SEO tool will help hundreds of thousands of website owners to identify and recover broken backlinks. Do you own a website? Or you run a site for an organization? Do you have numerous backlinks on your content?

Typically, inbound links have been on the forefront in improving the recognition of websites by search engines. Usually, if your website contains numerous and high-quality incoming links chances of you ranking high in search engines are optimal.

A quick look on RecoverInboundLinks™

It is quite important to utilize SEO tools to improve your visibility on search engines. This is highly recommended. And there are many SEO tools out there that have proved to be efficient in that realm. However, here comes a tool that will help solve a problem that might cost you a lot in future.

This tool helps to identify, monitor and help recover any broken inbound links. It is efficient since it is based on advanced algorithms that make sure all relevant web pages are scanned for any broken inbound links. Also, the algorithms filter out any hazardous inbound links from potentially Black Hat related sites.

For example; there are two types of links that RecoverInboundLinks™  helps to recover.

Inbound links that direct to deleted pages some content such as articles, texts, inventories on certain webpages can be deleted in the event of nourishing your website. And this could be as a result of attempting to update the existing content.

301 redirecting broken backlinks also are the other type of inbound links that need to be recovered. Since the webpage has already moved, something has to be done to redirect it to the current or present URL.

When do backlinks break?

When you change your web design, alter web page structure, delete some content, change inventory, alter the URLs, or end campaigns.

This recover is backed up by a comprehensive report that points out all websites that point broken inbound links to your domain, list of webpages on your website that get broken backlinks, and guidelines on how to fix the broken backlinks.

In case you are asking about the pricing method or plan of this awesome SEO tool, you can click here for more on that. It is incredibly cheaper than the traditional method of starting from scratch to build new inbound links which may again take a ton of your precious time.

Their motto; No Cure No Pay is evident in the way the tool works. You are required to validate website potential by submitting your web domain name to run a check for any broken links that need to be fixed. By doing this, you get assured that you will pay for a service worth it.

You then launch a scan for broken inbound links, and you get the result directly to your email. Later on, you can order for the full report if you were satisfied with the scanning results.


By doing all this, you are assured of getting a report on all backlinks that are broken, and you can recover them easily using the guide that is provided in the comprehensive report. So this tool is purposely meant for those who would like to keep ranking and keep their websites resourceful throughout their existence.