Ecofriendly Home Improvements Markets Dominate 2019

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( — February 27, 2019) — The home improvement market changes regularly with annual trends – whether that’s marble countertops, hardwood floors, walk-in showers, or exposed beams – and 2019 is no exception.

Unlike past improvements, though, what stands out this year are eco-friendly enhancements, upgrades designed to make homes more efficient and reduce their impact on the environment.

These four changes are predicted to dominate the market this year, and they’ll be making the housing market less wasteful for decades to come.

Low-Pressure Plumbing

Low-pressure plumbing systems have been around for years, but in the past, the only people who used them were environmental warriors – the sorts of people who engineer every element of their lives to maximize sustainability. As the technology has improved, however, it’s become common for homeowners to install low-flow toilets and showers, or to enhance their existing systems with low-flow aerators, which only cost a few dollars. These systems can dramatically reduce water waste across the home, and bring homeowner’s water bills down as well.

Exterior Enhancements

When it comes to sustainability, home exteriors are rarely the focus, beyond the introduction of solar panels, but that means homeowners are missing a major problem area: lawns. Lawns consume an enormous amount of water without producing anything, but because they’re a norm in America, especially in the suburbs, people may be reticent to get rid of them. One simple way to reduce waste, then, is by aerating the lawn to reduce water use.

By aerating the lawn, it holds more water beneath the surface, meaning it won’t need to be watered as much or as often, and what water is added won’t sit on the surface and evaporate. Aerated lawns are also often lusher than others in the same environment, and homeowners with well-maintained exteriors generally command higher prices at market.

Roofs Go Green

One creative way that homeowners are sustainably upgrading their homes is by embracing the green roof movement. That goes beyond just installing a solar array to create sustainable power, but also includes the rise of the green roof. Especially in urban areas where there is limited room to garden, or in hot climates, green roofs – essentially rooftop gardens – naturally cool homes and can even provide organic produce for residents.

Introducing Smart Systems

Finally, it’s impossible to talk about sustainable home improvements without exploring the world of smart home technology. In 2019, expect to see a growing number of homes upgrade to a smart thermostat, digital lights that can be controlled via smartphone, and even Energy Star appliances that pair with apps for remote use. By controlling home tech remotely, users can ensure that the lights are off after they leave the room or the house and reduce heating and cooling waste overall.

Homeowners are increasingly aware of the potential environmental damage their homes can cause, as well as the excess costs associated with living wastefully, and both are key motivators in 2019’s design trends. And, as demand for sustainable improvements become more popular, watch for them to become both more affordable and more stylish. When a social movement becomes a trend, it becomes more accessible to everyone.