Review of Video Signoff- the Software for Video Marketers

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( — March 4, 2019) — A new online tool has been launched that will allow you to publish a video you have created for a client on various websites online with ease. 

This product it could help you to Access The Video Marketing Industry which is estimated to be worth $135 Billion in the USA alone

Video Signoff is the first of its kind to provide this service, from what has been seen so far. 

Video Signoff’s setup is pretty unique, once you have joined the cloud based system, you will be able to enter your YouTube URL’s and then clone a page from prospects site, then you simply drag and drop your Youtube video to any position of their cloned webpage.

It would be quite impressive to be sitting with an existing or even perhaps a prospective client and being able to show them how effortlessly you can present their corporate video which you have created and loaded to YouTube, then without effort to simply drag and drop it anywhere you wish on their webpage.

Application for this service:

· Optimized for Video Creators

· Media Service Providers

· B2B Marketers

· Digital Agencies

· Web Consultants

If you are currently an SEO providor or have a marketing company, this is the direction you could start taking your company today.

This tool is available for you now, so you can start grabbing your share of the market. The statistics are pretty incredible- currently 64% of consumers say that seeing videos on products and services make them more likely to buy.

The trends are already showing that the larger companies have already recognised the video power as a sales tool and Video Signoff could be your road into this market.

Just think of how you can turn up to that important meeting not only with a sample of your work but presenting on their clone webpage with ease.

It may sound counter intuitive but it’s a winning strategy. Be the provider that has gone the extra mile not just to make a presentation video for them but be able to place and display your work, now just imagine rather than cloning just one page you have grabbed two or three pages with prepared video following the theme of those pages, are you now seeing the potential of this software.

And once they see it, it’s hard to go back.

It doesn’t matter whether you lead a huge design agency or build videos on you laptop in a cafe, VideoSignoff will improve your results.

If they love your video in their page the chance of a sales could increases dramatically.

No need to involve their web team and no need to tell them it only took you minutes to create the showcase page they are vewing. You don’t require any HTML knowledge either.

This tool would be a great purchase, and a great addition to any SEO company or marketing providor.