Mark Bishop Announces Launch of Live Price Comparison Software

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( — March 4, 2019) — New York, NY — Mark Bishop and Muncheye announced the launch of eCompare2, a live price comparison engine software and store builder. Designed to help businesses quickly deploy engaging stores with real-time price comparisons, the product will launch on the 4th of March, 2019 at a front-end of $22.

More information about eCompare2 is available at

eCompare2 is a full-featured affiliate store builder app and theme that allows businesses and marketers to offer their customers real-time live price comparisons online. The price comparison marketing solutions are powered by a powerful comparison engine that allows online businesses to showcase price information for a specific product or product bundle from leading e-retail platforms.

The price comparison software features full integration with 7 major shopping platforms, draws content from source marketplaces, embedded global affiliate links, keyword-based store building, dynamic price changes, live search, and ethical price comparison on a business’s website.

eCompare2 is supported by several industry-leading features such as an inbuilt blog to develop with YouTube integration, location-specific Amazon One link redirection, store auto-sync, DFY privacy policy and legal pages, and single-click featured products sliders.

The product places significant emphasis on the customer-focused social media elements of store building and comparison. These special features include infinite product selection, a custom social viral traffic module, price drop alerts, real-time discount search, and related product alerts.

Live off-site product searches, customer wish lists, and full video tutorials help marketers and entrepreneurs quickly set up, deploy, and manage a professional price comparison store.

According to a spokesperson for eCompare2, “We are delighted to launch this comprehensive suite comprising the store builder plugin, WordPress theme, training, and tutorial content. We help businesses power their profits by setting up stores that retain high traffic by showcasing products that their customers want to buy.”

eCompare2 is a store setup suite comprising a live app and engaging store theme powered by a revolutionary price comparison engine. The product will be available at a front-end price of $22. More information is available at and at the URL above.