Why Small Businesses Fail in Facebook Marketing

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(Newswire.net — March 4, 2019) Manila, PH – The British Parliament has released its report about Facebook as a “digital gangster,” destroying democracy by leading the proliferation of fake news and misinformation.

According to The Guardian, Facebook considers itself to be “ahead of and beyond the law”. It “misled” parliament. It gave statements that were “not true”.

With Cambridge Analytica data breach in 2018 and accusations on using the platform for political objectives, the parliament’s report wants Facebook regulated.

For Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo, a Facebook Marketing Strategist for entrepreneurs and experts, the report could lead to small businesses leaving Facebook for the wrong reasons.

Is Facebook really should really “an out-of-control train wreck that is destroying democracy and must be brought under control”? Should Facebook be the only one labeled the “digital gangster”?

“With the British Parliament’s verdict, small business will all the more put their blame finger on Facebook, especially if they experienced not getting their return on investments (ROIs),” Ann stated. “The truth is, small businesses dump their business on Facebook – setting up a Facebook Page, putting mediocre content and boosting –  with wishful thinking that the platform alone will do its work. Facebook is a tool. It’s not the end-all-be-all for your business.”

Ann takes into account the 2017 study by Weebly, which revealed that 62 percent of small business say they find Facebook’s advertising ineffective for their business.

Ann, who has done Facebook marketing with different industries (retail, dairy, hospitality management, and debt collection) and experts (authors and health advocates), find the complaints and the eventual Facebook diaspora disappointing.

“What small businesses don’t realize is the results of their Facebook marketing is a reflection of how they think of their product or service. If only a small business owner goes beyond the ‘you-must-buy-my-product’ marketing tactic, Facebook could give you the results you want.”

Small business owners should work on their marketing goals, strategy, and tactics. Having a clear plan and the right metrics will put a strong stand against trends and algorithms.

“Small business owners put a stance against these concerns, but they don’t even understand what they mean. Trends and algorithms are not destroying democracy on Facebook; it exists to tell you that you should do marketing better,” Ann added.

According to Ann, small businesses should understand their customers through considering the customer’s needs beyond demographics: their desires, worries, and ideal future. Such considerations could be answered through research and keeping in touch with current customers. A tough challenge, but worth it.

“Getting your customer’s insights and opinions will take you into the heart of the matter. Your content and advertising campaigns are easier to create because you know who you’re talking to,” Ann added.

Small business owners should also invest time in providing valuable content to their customers. Much like in the small business, everything takes time. Valuable content plus frequency in posting plays a big role in Facebook marketing, as these will determine the type and quality of content an audience needs. Miss a post and your audience won’t miss you.

However, with small business owners having limited people and resources compared to big companies, should they delegate Facebook marketing to experts?

Ann reiterates, “Marketing IS the lifeline of your business. If you struggle to make Facebook marketing work for you, you get experts to your team. However, do not depend solely on your marketing strategist. They don’t do magic. Get someone who understands where you are on your business and where you want it to go. Share the vision and mission of your business with your marketing strategist so that together, you could create a Facebook marketing plan that will produce the best results.”


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