Emerging Research now Suggests Papain is Helpful for Wound Healing and Recovery

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(Newswire.net — March 11, 2019) Orlando, FL — Wounds often heal on their own but it is also important to provide the injury with the care it needs. This can be helpful in allowing it to heal and recover faster.

According to experts, there are two ways wounds heal, and they are regeneration and scar formation.

In the regeneration process, damaged tissue is replaced by the same type, but a new one. This produces preservation in the proper function of the injured area. When it has reached the scar formation process, the injured tissue is replaced by fibrous scar tissue.

It is worth mentioning such tissue doesn’t have the same properties as the original tissue.

Dermatologists have long warned that without proper wound care, it could potentially lead to infection and some other complications. It could even lead to a slow healing process and scarring.

Wound dressings and bandages have been found beneficial in reducing the risk of infection. These methods help speed up the healing process and offer protection against infection.

It has further been revealed that throughout the healing process, keeping the wound soft can reduce the appearance or even the likelihood of scars.

When it comes to naturally healing wounds, some digestive enzymes like papain have been found beneficial.

Scientists from the University of Maryland Medical Center carried out a study.

In this research, it was found that papain worked as an effective wound treatment following surgical procedures. It was even helpful in cases of bedsores, burns, and skin ulcers.

This digestive enzyme has long been popularized by its remarkable healing potentials. This is why its use is highly recommended by dieticians and experts.

In terms of burns and skin irritations, some other research studies have found this enzyme is helpful.

An animal study has revealed that a papain-made wound cleanser aided in speeding up wound healing in rats.

Another systematic review was published in 2012. In this research, it has been found to treat a variety of wounds at varying stages of healing.

While more studies are still underway to validate papain’s wound healing benefits, its use has long been found to be highly therapeutic.

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