Calgary Residential Soundproofing Western Canada Service Expansion Announced

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( — March 4, 2019) — Calgary, AB — Calgary based Hush City Soundproofing have announced a service expansion throughout Western Canada. They offer premium soundproofing for residential and commercial properties.

Hush City Soundproofing have announced a service expansion to all of Western Canada, with installation services in Calgary, Vancouver, and Edmonton. They are known for their premier soundproofing services and offer exclusive products for commercial and residential applications.

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Hush City Soundproofing offer high quality products for all types of soundproofing needs throughout Western Canada. This means that whatever the customer needs to achieve with their soundproofing, Hush City have the products to help.

Whether customers would like to soundproof a room, soundproof walls, or create complete sound control throughout their home or office, Hush City have the tools and experience needed.

They provide a proven combination of soundproofing materials and professional installation services. This combines to ensure a premium, and highly effective solution to all their customers’ needs.

When customers get in touch with Hush City they know their needs will be well looked after, because customer satisfaction is their top priority. If customers have any questions they can get in touch for expert guidance and help on every aspect of the installation.

As part of the service expansion, Hush City are now serving Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, and everywhere in between. Customers can get in touch for a full range of soundproofing services regardless of their needs.

Among the solutions offered by Hush City are full soundproofing of ceilings and walls for excellent sound isolation. They also offer professional floor soundproofing, providing a variety of underlayment and sub-floor panels for soundproofing control.

This is ideal for dance floors, exercise rooms, home gyms, recording studios or home theaters, among other options. In addition to this, windows and patio doors can also be soundproofed.

Hush City state: “Our goal is to have you completely satisfied with our practical noise control solutions and proven superior soundproofing products and service. We work hard for your results to reduce annoying noises using our acoustic absorption, noise and sound isolation products.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit the Hush City website on the link provided above.