Alamo Cryo Health Spa Cryotherapy Thermal Clinic Wellness Services Launched

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( — March 5, 2019) — Alamo, CA — Alamo, California cryotherapy center Arctic Restore Cryo Health Spa launched a full range of whole body and localized cryotherapy services for patients interested in personalized physical therapy and beauty solutions.

Arctic Restore Cryo Health Spa, a health and wellness clinic based in Alamo, California, announced a complete range of cryotherapy for beauty and wellness, relaxation, physical therapy and pain relief. Offering both whole-body procedures and targeted cryotherapy, depending on the needs of each patient, the clinic strives to provide varied solutions for anyone looking for an effective way to relax, alleviate pain, improve skin conditioning, and experience other health and beauty benefits.

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Cryotherapy is based on brief exposure to cold temperatures, sometimes as low as minus 300 Fahrenheit, thus helping the body combat inflammation, help muscular healing, alleviate pain, and promote skin rejuvenation. Used by many athletes throughout the world – including NBA star Steph Curry and renowned soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo – cryotherapy is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative form of therapy.

Arctic Restore Cryo Health Spa offers whole-body and targeted cryotherapy for health and beauty purposes.

The Whole Body Session is a brief, two to three-minute session during which the body is exposed to nitrogen vapors. According to the clinic, this improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and speeds up the natural healing process, making it ideal as a form of therapy after intense physical exercise.

For those looking for an effective treatment of various injuries, the clinic can also provide localized cryotherapy sessions. The Arctic Injury treatments are based on the precise application of cryotherapy to the affected parts of the body, thus stimulating blood flow to the injured area and increasing the speed of recovery.

Finally, the Alamo spa also offers the Arctic Face + Neck package, a series of treatments designed to reduce wrinkles and improve skin appearance by increasing collagen production, and Arctic Shape, specialized sessions to reduce adipose tissue and improve body contouring.

A satisfied client said: “I went in for a whole body cryotherapy session, and after learning about the local treatment I decided to double up. I had a shoulder injury with maybe 40% range of motion, not able to lift my arm more than 15%. I left that day with the ability to lift my arm above my head. Amazing! The next day, I went in just for local, and my shoulder felt 100%. Jessie is incredibly knowledgeable and completely focused on improving your well-being. Highly recommend.”

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