Experts Say D-mannose is Evidence-based UTI Preventive Remedy

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( — March 13, 2019) Orlando, FL — Experts have long been recommending some steps on how to reduce the risk of UTIs. However unfortunately, it appears that the prevalence of this type of infection continues to skyrocket.

According to experts, it is always important to resort to some preventive measures against UTIs. This specifically includes ensuring that the E.coli bacteria are unable to latch onto the cells lining the urinary tract.

There are risk factors of the infection, such as being a woman. Women have a shorter urethra that makes the access of bacteria to the bladder easy.

Health authorities also warn against engaging in sexual activity, and having multiple sexual partners increases the risk even more. The use of certain types of birth control may also increase the risk.

Antibiotics are usually prescribed by doctors to help individuals with UTIs. These medications work in killing the E.coli bacteria, which have been found to cause about 90 percent of all UTIs. Unfortunately, these pharmaceutical drugs also end up killing the beneficial bacteria.

Another extremely alarming fact about the use of this type of medication is that it also causes antibiotic resistance, which is considered by experts to be an alarming global public health threat.

Taking some measures to prevent the infection from developing is highly recommended.

Individuals who are struggling to increase their protection against UTIs may take into account using D-mannose.

Over decades, D-mannose has been widely studied due to its remarkable healing benefits. It has long been popularized by its ability to ward off and treat the infection.

Scientists reveal that this natural remedy aids in nourishing the healthy flora, which makes up the membrane of the urinary tract. It also works in sticking with the E.coli bacteria eliminating them from the body.

Through this action, D-mannose works in reducing the risk of infection. There are more and more people who turn to the use of this natural remedy to safely and effectively fight UTIs.

It is undeniable that there is a myriad of supplements available in the market today. However, some like Purest Vantage D-mannose appear to win the heart of many consumers.

There are many things that make it unique over other brands. It is highly potent as it offers 600 mg of pure and high quality activated charcoal per capsule. This alone makes it better than those that offer only 250 mg.

For every bottle, it offers 120 Vegetarian capsules. This only means that consumers can experience its use for months.

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