Video Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to

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( — March 7, 2019) — Many consumers constantly have a mobile device in their hands and many times, instead of reading something, they are watching a video. This makes video marketing an even more important tool in a marketing strategy. There are some trends that business owners should pay attention to, in order to move their business forward.

Authenticity over Big Budget Productions: Brands this year are going to be focusing attention on authenticity over the polished look of a large-scale production. This trend allows more brands to compete. The reason for this trend is that it has been difficult for brands to earn trust online. By becoming more genuine and connecting on a more personal level, it helps build those relationships with consumers. Companies are embracing imperfection and content feels more every day, instead of produced. With an easy YouTube mp3converter, it becomes simpler to create videos, as long as copyright laws are followed.

Instagram Video: Instagram video is expected to take off for businesses. Video is resonating with customers on the platform to the point where they are purchasing products because of it. Unlike with other social media platforms, businesses can take advantage of videos that have already been created for YouTube by using a YouTube audio converter, which then gives them editable files that can be used for Instagram.

Brands Use Video More Regularly to Communicate: More customers are switching to video from text, which means that brands are using video to communicate more than ever before. Videos can be used to help drive awareness with entertaining content that is meant to be shared and help capture attention. Videos can also answer common questions for customers who may still be deciding if they want to do business with the company. Video ads can feature a direct call to action to purchase.

Live Video: Both Facebook and Instagram Live are taking off, and businesses can use this to their advantage. With live video, customers feel like the company is directly speaking to them and there is often a conversation in real time. This adds an aspect of personalization and helps build a relationship.

B2B Brands Are Embracing Video: Video just isn’t for consumer brands anymore, as more businesses are using video even if their target audience is other businesses. LinkedIn video is now changing this. According to the social network site, video content is shared 20 times more than any other content format in the feed. LinkedIn video ads are also generating great view rates. This allows for a huge opportunity for businesses that haven’t been able to use this platform before.