Swimming Pool Automation – Upgrading Your Pool

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(Newswire.net — March 7, 2019) — Swimming pool automation is the process of providing a complete spa and pool control from lighting features, water, sanitizing, heating products and pool pumps with the push of a button. You can easily control outdoor lights, regulate water temperature, add chemicals, run the filter and do everything possible to your pool with the convenient touch of a button. Swimming pool automation makes it possible to achieve optimum pool convenience.

Swimming Pool Automation

Besides handling all chores of owning a pool, pool automation also provides remote control over the pool.

Using this technology, one can fully:

  • Turn Pool Lights On or Off

  • Remove Covers

  • Control the Pool Heater

  • Manage Pool Chemicals

  • Adjust the Filter System Among Many Others

Automatic Pool Cleaners

It’s not easy to vacuum or clean a pool. Usually, the process is long and tiresome and at times, you may forget to do it. You even start to think of getting a robot to handle the tedious task. Now, this is where an automatic pool cleaner comes. It’s meant to get the task done even in your absence.

One advantage with these pool cleaners is that they move when cleaning without any assistance. In addition, these cleaners are equipped with a brush for scrubbing hard places. You have a choice to make on a variety of cleaners ranging from robotic, suction and pressure cleaners.

Automatic Timers

The essence of these timers is to keep water warm through good circulation. They are connected to the pool system enabling you to activate the heater on the basis of temperature levels. The timers also activate the pump on time basis. Doing this will maintain the pool equipment and keep it safe from severe weather conditions especially during snowfall. Many of these timers have no options for remote control.

Chlorine Generators

These generators help keep your water clean and disinfected continuously. Instead of testing your water to determine the right amount of chlorine to add, a generator can handle that. They automatically test the water and administer the right quantity of chlorine for proper sanitization. Chlorine generators come in many varieties with the popular one being the salted water.

Pool and Spa Automation

This is the core of the whole automation process. This system gives full control of all features of the pool from a single point. Everything is adjusted effortlessly within seconds. It’s like having a pool on cruise control where simple buttons move the whole process. With more advancement in technology, everything can be accessed through the internet either via phone or computer.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Automation

  • Saves You time

Maintaining your pool on daily basis consumes a lot of time. The reason is that a pool is an integrated system with many aspects. Talk of the filtration equipment, lighting system, water, pumping system among others. However, pool automation can save your time by handling all the tedious job of cleaning, lighting, heating among others.

  • Saves You Money

These systems are automatically scheduled to make adjustments when necessary. This makes them run more efficient unlike when manually operated. This can save you from unnecessary expenses associated with energy bills.

  • Accurate Monitoring

Swimming pool automation systems are programmed to deliver the right amounts of chemicals, especially during the disinfection process.

  • Water Safety

A pool automation process gives constant pH control. Water pH plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of water

Swimming pool automation provides full control by letting you have your pool the way you want it. Everything is controlled from a single button depending on the way you set it.