Importance of UX for an Autos Startup

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( — March 8, 2019) — UX is something that startups cannot leave alone. For a product to be successful it needs to fulfill certain needs of the user, and in a way that brings them back to the product or brand. A good UX (User Experience) will take a holistic approach to bring elements as diverse as design, sound, content, interface, layout, and brand identity, together. If the user experience of the website is overlooked, it can hurt the business. Nowadays, websites are your virtual store/office fronts and if the users don’t find what they are looking for, they are going to leave. Research suggests that eighty-eight percent of web users are less keen to return to a website where they have a bad experience.

CARHP is a data-driven automobile startup that is going to simplify car-buying in the US. To improve the UX of CARHP.COM the team has been extensively working on a platform that seamlessly brings content and data together. At CARHP in-depth reviews are augmented by tables of technical specifications. One of the challenges faced by the team was to design an interface that presented the content without being cluttered or difficult to read.  

CARHP incorporates several of these features to present information to the user. As mentioned by the Nielsen Group, a website with good UX heavily relies on Design Thinking. CARHP’s homepage is designed in a manner to allow the users to find their interest without wasting any time. The multi-toggle search bar makes finding your favorite car as easy as taking a stroll in the park. In a normal scenario, the user can find the car review they want to read in just 4 clicks. Currently, reviews on CARHP stick to a one column format. The car review page is divided into broad categories to facilitate grasping a heap of content in a brief amount of time.

At the beginning of the review, the user is briefed about the car by a short overview which is followed by Pros, Cons, and other updates regarding the car. After scrolling down a bit, all the images of the car can be found arranged according to Exterior and Interior of the car. The section below presents the different colors the car can be had in. The ratings of the car being followed by a list of similar cars (competition) to help the user compare the car. Then the user can read the in-depth review.

In-depth car reviews published by CARHP use a unique approach to inform the users about their prospective purchase. The car that is being reviewed is stacked against four or more closely matched competitors. The review consists of specification tables for the car and its competition. To bring more competitors into the picture, the tables have a swipe function. This helps the user to compare the car in a more transparent light. Each section of the review page brings information to the user in easy to browse manner.  

Automobile websites need to find a balance between reviews (content) and technical specifications (data) to offer clarity to the user. At the receiving end, this clarity helps the users in their decision-making process. With content, specs, and inventory at their disposal, the users have a one-stop solution for their prospective buy.  

CARHP started back in 2016, with three people onboard. We have successfully grown to a team of thirty, now. Our team brings talent from different backgrounds. We are passionate about cars, and we believe that there is a car for every driver. We want to simplify the car-buying experience for the buyer. To achieve that we are bringing three crucial elements together (data, content, and inventory) to create a one-stop experience for the user. Our focus is to improve the car-buying experience in the US market. We understand that car-buying is a highly personalized affair. We strive to bring content in such a way that it caters to major questions the buyer might have with our expert reviews and buying advice and help buyers to make a better choice.