Schaumburg Chiropractor Back and Neck Treatment Announced

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( — March 11, 2019) — Shaumburg, IL — A leading Schaumburg, IL based chiropractor has announced it can help local patients with expert pain treatment. The clinic offers chiropractic care for injury treatment, chronic pain management, and other issues.

Heal Within Chiropractic, the Schaumburg, IL based chiropractor, has announced it can help local patients to get their health back on track with expert chiropractic care. The clinic’s mission is to transform the lives of its local community by providing the best healthcare services available.

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The site explains that the team at Heal Within Chiropractic is run by Dr Desiree Lombos, who graduated Cum Laude from Parker University with a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.

She was inspired to become a chiropractor after witnessing the treatment’s transformative power on herself and others. Now her mission is to help elevate patients’ consciousness by reconnecting their mind and body through high quality and affordable chiropractic care.

Patients visiting the clinic will discover that it is focused not just on addressing the pain and symptoms of a condition, but the root cause. This helps to ensure longer-lasting and more effective treatments.

There are a number of benefits to getting chiropractic treatment for a wide range of conditions. It is a highly effective form of pain relief without the need for using medication.

It is also a low risk form of treatment, and helps the entire musculoskeletal and nervous system. Because of this, it can be used in conjunction with other treatment options in a complimentary fashion.

There are many types of pain and injury that can be helped by expert chiropractic care. The latest research shows that chiropractic treatment can help to reduce pain more effectively than many medications.

While many pain relief medications are designed to combat symptoms, chiropractic treatment at Heal Within Chiropractic gets to the main issue at hand. This ensures that the pain can be reversed in the most effective way.

The clinic states: “We work with every patient’s need with affordable payment plans so that financial concerns will not get in the way to achieving the health that they deserve.”

Full details can be found at, and interested parties can get in touch at 630.283.3361.