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( — March 11, 2019) Victoria Point, QLD — Why Sales People Should Stop Selling and Start Leading

Brisbane sales training expert James McNamara suggests that salespeople should forget about selling and start leading their clients.

Mr McNamara has suggested that for too long sales has been seen as an adversarial art. Onc where the salesperson needs to convince, push and overcome in order to make a sale. In actual fact says James, salespeople need to see themselves as leaders. They need to lead and influence their client from a place of need to a place of satisfaction and delight.

James has accumulated many years of field experience along with considerable experience in sales training in Brisbane. He advocates three big shifts in the way salespeople work with prospects and clients.

Firstly, place less emphasis on the ‘killer presentation”. Instead, focus on developing a deep and genuine understanding of the prospect’s needs. Efforts to formulate powerful presentations rarely focus the sales person’s attention on the client’s needs. Instead, ‘power presentations’ focus on what the salesperson is going to say. James suggests that it is very difficult to gain a detailed understanding of a person’s needs if the salesperson is too busy presenting their own thoughts and ideas.

Secondly, put a great deal of effort into uncovering the real reasons why a prospect will by i.e. their needs. There is a definite art to the questioning and listening process needed to draw out the client’s true needs and desires.

Thirdly, salespeople should be less fixated on closing. Instead, if you have done the first two correctly and genuinely, it takes little effort to gain the client’s commitment. James says, there is still the requirement to ‘ask for the business’ but the old-style push closing approaches are well and truly outdated now.

The three strategies above go a tremendously long way towards building trust within the sales process. When trust is absent, the prospect will rarely buy. James suggests that until a prospect knows that the sales person ‘gets’ where they are coming from and understands their individual situation, the prospect will not feel comfortable trusting the sales person’s recommendations.

By learning how to lead a client a salesperson can achieve far more than trying to learn how to convince a client. It all comes down to the amount of time and effort that would be salespeople are prepared to but into their own sales training and development.

In his sales training courses in Brisbane, James teaches participants how to conduct the needs identification conversation. He says this is a skill that many salespeople learn and work hard to master.

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James McNamara is an experienced business coach and leadership expert who regularly speaks on business and leadership topics in Brisbane Australia. James offers one-to-one coaching for business owners and group training session for leaders and sales professionals.

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