No Knee Replacements for Osteoarthritis Leads to Loss of Quality of Life

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( — March 18, 2019) Orlando, FL — Osteoarthritis is popularized by the pain and immobility it causes. It is highly prevalent in the United States, and is a common subject of studies performed by researchers.

A report in Arthritis Care & Research has revealed that African Americans are possibly missing out on tens of thousands of years in terms of better quality of life than to their white counterparts.

According to researchers, African Americans with knee osteoarthritis may have a worse quality of life, and this is due to the fact that they are less likely to be offered a knee replacement surgery.

The U.S. study also added that this ethnicity also is less likely to get a procedure when it is recommended.

Elena Losina, senior study author, said that underutilization of the highly successful surgery leads to drastic losses of quality adjusted life years among racial minorities.

Losina is an orthopedics researcher at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston.

It is important to remember that knee replacement surgery can turn back the clock for those with severe joint pain. It is worth mentioning that this symptom causes mobility limitation.

In the United States, osteoarthritis now affects 31 million people. This type of arthritic condition is the most prevalent, and is considered to be the top cause of disability.

According to researchers, such a prevalence is expected to skyrocket to 78 million by 2040.

It has further been found that almost two-thirds of American adults with arthritis are of working age (18-64 years). There are also nearly 300,000 babies and children with this condition.

Experts warn that arthritis and even non-traumatic joint disorders are included in the list of the top five most costly conditions among adults and older.

What makes it even more alarming is that it is usually common in those who have other chronic conditions.

According to research, 31 percent of obese adults have arthritis. This painful condition also affects 47 percent of adult diabetes sufferers and 49 percent of adults with heart disease.

There are many who suffer from unbearable pain on a daily basis, and even immobility due to arthritis. It is often remedied through medications like pain relievers.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) is one type of medication widely used by those with this painful condition. Unfortunately, it has been notoriously known to cause side effects.

There are safer alternatives like glucosamine, which continues to gain popularity among athletes and those with osteoarthritis. This safer alternative has been found to pain relievers.

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