Bendigo Roofers Announce Specialists in Colorbond Metal Steel Roofing

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( — March 12, 2019) — Bendigo Roofing today announced the news that they will specialise in Colorbond Roofing for roof replacement and new roofing jobs.

As a result of this announcement, the team at Bendigo roofing will no longer be providing roof tiling or repair of roof tiles. They will however, replace a tiled roof with a colorbond, metal roof – if you are after a roof replacement or a re-roof.

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One of the main reasons they have done this, is that it allows them to streamline what they are doing, which in turn helps them to provide a better and more streamlined service to their customers, which is of vital importance to the team at Bendigo Roofing.

The Bendigo Roofing Team says, “We wanted to set ourselves apart, by becoming specialists in Colorbond Roofing in Bendigo, rather than being the Roof Plumbers that do everything, so we have made the decision to focus on providing colorbond roofing services only. We’d rather leave the roof tiling for other roof plumbers and be the specialists in colorbond.

Generally, in the roofing industry a lot of roofers will do both roof tiling and colorbond or metal roofing, where as our decision to specialize will mean that we are more focused and ultimately provide a better service”

Bendigo roofing will continue to provide the following services including roof repairs, re-roofs, new roof construction and also new gutters or gutter replacement.

They work in both the residential area but also provide commercial roofing services both in Bendigo and surrounding areas.

The team is dedicated to offering the best customer service. If you are having issues with your roof or need a new roof, they will work alongside you to ensure that your roof is constructed or repaired to meet all your needs. They will discuss the process with you and offer a free appraisal and quote.

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