Compromising Computers: Why IT Experts Are Needed

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( — March 13, 2019) — Computers held hostage, hacked, or honed in on to follow a user to gather private information is commonplace in 2019. Digital dangers evolve quickly, and it is hard for a business or person to stay on top of the latest threats. Business IT support  specialists continue their education focused on only computer safety making them the go-to when a computer seemingly goes haywire for no reason.

Password Problems

Out of date virus software, software flaws, and vulnerabilities are common but powerful passwords can protect against waves of attacks. The newest procedure in protection is the two-factor authorization. Secure, strong passwords and two-factor authorization are two ways to protect against hackers and viral scams.

Many people throw up their hands and chunk their computer when a virus attacks. IT experts, both personal and commercial, save money by fixing the issue rather than giving up and purchasing a new, unnecessary computer. With that said, users can protect themselves using two simple password rules:

  1. Install or buy a program that keeps up with passwords in a secure vault. Each password is to be unique and changed on a regular schedule. Set reminders, so password changes do not go unnoticed or forgotten.
  2. Services that offer two-factor authorization are best. Activate the two-factor authorization for platforms that provide it. Social media, email, and online financial services offer authorization through text and email to secure accounts.

New & Safe are Not the Same

People tend to get overexcited about their new device and forget to install security software. Protection is not automatic.

Prebuilt backdoors is often a danger with new technology. The backdoors often exist so law enforcement can monitor behavior and security of devices. However, it also gives a place for hackers to slink in when there is no extra protection.

Always assume the new gadget is open for attack. Buy or download a certified virus and hacking protection as soon as possible to keep sensitive information safe from bad actors. IT experts are the best source to not only ask about software but to also install it correctly and detect backdoors.

Software Updates to Remain Secure

Even though protection software is available on a device, not everyone remembers to update it regularly. Users often see the pop-up and dismiss it without a second thought. However, an IT expert is handy to check and update security on computers and other hardware.

Updates eat time, and people lack patience. Regardless, it is something that always requires attention and never ignored.

In the end, an IT expert is the best route when protecting passwords, information, and privacy. They are trained to find backdoors and update computers that otherwise would be hard to handle for an everyday user.