How to Make Carpet Soft After Cleaning – Tips From Pros

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( — March 15, 2019) — Sometimes it becomes impossible to avoid cleaning your carpet. At times you may resort to commerical carpet cleaners while you need some extra power, and at other times you can make use of homemade recipes which can be a more affordable and quicker solution. You will come across several solutions which you can apply to the carpet for neutralizing the residual cleaning chemical substances. Thus helping to make the carpet feel comfier as well as softer. In this article, we will teach you how to make carpet soft after cleaning.

Homemade Solutions

On some occasions, you will find homemade solutions to be efficient when it comes to softening the carpet. You can easily prepare these solutions by making use of products that you will come across in and around your home.

Include a Fabric Softener when Rinsing the Carpet

Carpets are manufactured from of the similar basic fiber types used to produce clothes. Typically fabric softeners are using when washing clothes, right? Make it a point to wash the rug normally while utilizing your preferred cleansing product, such as a blend of some small amount of laundry detergent every gallon of warm water. When rinsing the cleaner off your carpet, blend half a cup of fabric softener per every gallon of hot water. The solution has to be sprayed on top of the rug, and you need to allow it to set for a couple of minutes. Following this, use clean water to rinse it and extract once again.

Homemade Carpet Cleaner Featuring Inbuilt Softener

If you own a carpet shampoo device or a steam cleaner, you’ll have to refill the carpet cleaner with your preferred cleaning solution whenever you use it. You should know that you do not always have to use commercial products, as you can create your own solution for your carpet cleaner.

Applying Vinegar

It will be possible to remove the dirt as well as light stains which are not grounded heavily into the fibers of the rug by applying a blend of 1 cup of vinegar for every gallon of warm water. You might consider adding 1 tablespoon of dishwashing detergent for every gallon of the solution so as to provide extra strength. The solution needs to be applied liberally and you must scrub it intensely into the fibers of the rug to help ease the staining. Extract the murky solution completely and use either hot or warm water to rinse properly while scrubbing.

Applying Fabric Softener

A softer carpet can be guaranteed by blending half a cup of fabric softener for every gallon of hot water. While scrubbing, make it a point to spray the solution into the rug. Allow this solution to get set for a few minutes and then extract completely. Finally, rinse and extract once again while allowing the carpet to completely dry.


Thus, after going through this post on “how to make carpet soft after cleaning,” you should be able to accomplish the task on your own. There are both commercial and homemade solutions to help soften your carpet after cleaning. It’s important to rinse your carpet thoroughly to ensure there is no cleaners or softeners left in the fibers.